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Have an Adventure! - Wk 1: Zumba

Check out what Janetha at Meals and Moves has in store for the month:

LOVE IT!  As the writer of a blog based on the idea of trying new things, this totally appealed to me.

For the first week, I decided I would step out of my comfort zone by trying a new exercise class: ZUMBA!

I've written before about my love for group fitness classes and tips for entering a new class for the first time (see that post here).  I dared you to, and now it was my turn to do so, as well.  I've watched the Zumba class wrap up (often going overtime, grr) in my gym while I wait to enter Pilates.  This week, I put myself on the other side of the glass window.  Time to get dancing.

In I went.  Took my spot, listened to the music, watched the instructor, and got my groove on.  I really enjoyed the warm up; it felt good to just dance like no one's watching.  (It did, however, take a lot of courage to just let loose and pretend no one could see me.)  But fun!  Great!  I enjoyed!

Then, I got a little bo…