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Race Recap: Damon Runyon

Good morning!  Happy Monday!  And a glorious week it already is.  I've finally got a small reprieve from my work, and I'm glad to have just a bit of time to enjoy, wind down, and prepare for what's to come.  I've also got AMAZING things coming my--and by association, your--way, involving #ReebokNYC, #CrossFit, and #HLS12!  Couldn't be more excited.

But for now, I'm still smiling about yesterday's run.

Started off my week with a bang, participating in the fourth annual Damon Runyon 5k Run/Walk for Cancer Research, a 3.1-mile race that circles in and out through the greatest place on Earth: Yankee Stadium. 

Eric's father and brother have run the last three years, last year Eric joined them while his mother and I cheered on, and this year I joined their ranks and signed up.  It was nice motivation to keep running through this summer, even though I did not always enjoy running in the heat and often opted for the treadmill, instead.  Oh well!

We had…