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Friday Features

Happy Friday!   Here are a few links to get you thinking this weekend:
Dare you to OWN IT.  Love this honest and encouraging post
from Sarah Fragoso on Everyday Paleo.

The Huffington Post shares 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing. Worth reading, reflecting, and reconsidering.
All in favor of the family meal?
Carla Birnberg advocates for the family meal, and I agree!

Lindsay explains the way she is  Doing More AND Less, Thanks to Technology
The Angry Trainer gives a great explanation
of how social media affects the fitness industry.
Spoiler: it does BOTH--helping people get healthy
but also hurting the industry and standards. Great post.

Here are 5 Simple Beauty Products You Can Make From Coconut Oil ...and you knowhow much I love coconut oil
Chris Kresser shares What Everyone--Especially Vegetarians-- Should Know About B12 Deficiency.
Why GMO Labeling MATTERS! The basics and what you can do for the cause.
As always, follow along on recent dares, news, information, and he…

Start a Conversation

The Canadian Cancer Society has a message for you: #YouAreLoved.

Step 1: Watch
You Are Loved by Fight for Life features three female cancer survivors, describing their individual battles and encouraging women to speak to their doctors.

Step 2: Listen
Cancer doesn't discriminate anybodyDon't live in fear; enjoy everything! Enjoy as much as you canIf you know something is not right, make sure you talk to your doctors.Allowing people to support you doesn't negate the fact that you are still strong and abled.
Step 3: Start a conversation
Share this video and invaluable message with your loved ones.Take their words to heart, and know that life can change at every corner.Be cautious. Be smart.Early detection is key. Seek a medical opinion if you've got any questions.Don't waste time; do what you want in life, now. Check outFight for Life for more information.

I dare you tostart a conversation with your mothers, aunts, friends, grandmothers, sisters, co-workers, and doctors.  E…