Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIAW: Walnut snack attacks

First: It's the LAST DAY to enter the GIVEAWAY  contest here!!!

Second: Happy National Running Day (Thank you, Fancy Nancy, for informing me on the holiday!)  Learn how to celebrate here.  And finish the sentence: "I run..." for health, for escape, for the CHALLENGEWhy do you run?

Third: How are my June Goals going so far?  So far, so good!
  • #MOVE: I made my return as planned on Sunday, getting back into my running with 3 miles in 30 minutes! Not continuous, but I'll get there.  The weather was stellar and made it enjoyable.  Today, I ran a mile on the treadmill before circuit training.
  • #EATHaven't had gluten since Sunday, when I had just a dropppppp.  But remember, I said during the week.  Yesterday, I was temped by a meal out, where I ate a delicious salad for dinner, but then we ordered cookies to share for dessert. Uh oh.  I almost caved, but the cookies did not look worth it, and I knew I committed to not eating gluten during the week.  Somehow, I exerted self control, turning down the oatmeal walnut cookie in front of me.  I was glad I held out!
  • #ENJOYIn keeping with Sweet Tooth Court's June Yoga Challenge, Sunday and Monday, I did 15 minutes of yoga each, the first being a yoga stretch series following my run, and the second being a series of Sun Salutations in the morning.  This morning I did a half hour of morning wake-up Yoga, and it felt faaabulous.  I love starting my day with yoga! 
  • #SLEEP:  Sunday night I got 7 hours, and last night I got 7 hours.  I got in bed with enough time to sleep 9 if I wanted, but my body woke me up. hmph. Well, not bad. I think my body prefers 7 these days, even if my goal is for 8. 

Finally!  Drumroll please...
What I Ate Wed(Tues)day

This month, Jenn of Peas & Crayons has charged us with a new #WIAW theme: "Sensible Snacking".  I've written before about Smart Snacking choices, regarding both quality and quantity.  Summary: Snack on real foods, and not too much. :D  See the original post for more detailed tips.

The day began with a typical breakfast...

Egg Scramble with spinach, mushrooms, 
salsa, and feta. 

Always yummy.

(I also had a camera-shy banana, but you all know what those look like, don't you?)

Mid-morning, my semi-sensible snacking began.  You see, there is only one thing I seemed to crave all day long: Walnuts plus Something Sweet.

Therefore, the morning snack was a handful of...

Walnuts mixed with chocolate chips

See?  Walnuts + Sweet.  Simple.

That gave me a little energy boost before my workout: the aforementioned mile on the treadmill followed by some killer circuit training.  More on THAT to come.

After the gym, I went straight to the supermarket for some necessary restocking, but first wanted to refuel my body after working out.  Before roaming the aisles -- or, the perimeter ;) -- I hit the salad bar to grab a mix of things that appealed:

Baby spinach, roasted red peppers, tuna,
and assorted melons and berries. 

It did the job.  And then I did mine, picking up some essentials.

Don't ask what compelled me to buy dates.  I've had them, ohh, twice in my life?  But I think I'm envisioning some dreamland where I'll turn them into gluten-free snack bars (<- Sarah's).  Again, fruit + nut.

Home --> Unload and organize kitchen --> Read for class ... ---> SNACK!

Reading for class is typically what makes my snack attacks come on.  And, once again, I wanted walnuts plus something sweet.  Fortunately, the shopping run gave me an option other than chocolate chips.

Walnuts + Prunes

I love Combining Fruit + Nut for a snack.  Always hits the spot!  The trick is taking your portion and walking away, because although very nutritious (omega 3 fatty acids!  antioxidants!), walnuts are high-calorie and dried fruit is high-sugar.  That's where I often get in trouble.  Today, I nibbled scarfed down way more the the measley portion photographed above.

Oh well!  Work in progress.  Make up a Zip-loc, bowl, or napkin, and put. the bags. away.

Dinner was quick and painless: takeout leftovers.

Salmon, tomatoes, mozzarella,
& onions, over shredded lettuce

So there you have it!  I may or may not have had more walnuts and/or chocolate chips and/or prunes later in the night.

That's what I ate Tuesday, semi-sensible snacking, and all.  

What triggers YOUR snack attacks?  


  1. I am drooling over your breakfast hunnie!

  2. I agree. Breakfast looks delicious!

  3. My snack attacks always happen when I don't eat at my usual times. If I skip a meal during the day, I can guarantee a snack attack in the evening!
    I love dried prunes - I used to get made fun of as a kid because my cousins would say that prunes are old people food. haha

    1. hahah about prunes. I never ate them until about a year ago. Now, I can't get enough!

  4. walnuts with chocolate chips! genius snack idea! I am the same with the sweets craving! it's always chocolate chips plus something else! everything looks delish!

  5. trail mix trail mix trail mix!

  6. Mmm walnuts, so dang good for you and a great flavor as well! I like the idea of your trail mix, you are killing so many cravings at one time! Stress and anxiety definitely trigger my snacking, so I try to reach for something that won't send me to sugar overload

  7. I do the same with almonds! Almonds and choc chips, almonds with figs or dried fruit, etc... yum. Great tips. Nuts, fruit and dark chocolate call my name between meals!

    1. Haha yep, I went through a long almond phase, too. Still love em !! Also go very well with chocolate and dried fruit :)

  8. Mmmmm, the walnuts and chocolate chips look delicious together!

  9. I want your supper. Now. And it's only 9:15AM!

  10. Looking YUMMY!!! Way to keep plugging away at those goals. YOU CAN DO IT!

  11. Your dinner looks so yummy! I'm going to make that my lunch!

  12. Your snacks rock! Can you come over and prepare snacks for me? I'll take an order of the walnuts and chocolate chips and since you are here, can i get that breakfast too? Delish!

  13. Your breakfast looks delicious!! And your snacks. My snack attacks are usually triggered by work stress, usually when I'm sitting in front of my computer and working against a deadline. It's terrible but something that I'm trying to be more mindful of.

  14. Walnuts and prunes are too of my very favorite snack-y things ;)

  15. I find I'm extra snacky when I don't get enough sleep. Must. Have. Sleep. :)

    1. Hmm good point. Sleep really affects eeeeverything, doesn't it?

  16. Love the idea of nuts + fruit and nuts + chocolate. I usually put nuts in those snack baggies, but will be adding some fruit or chocolate to the mix! Thanks!

  17. I love prunes and dates but find I just crave less sweet when I eat less sweet. Snacking- most triggered when there's something I'm dreading or too much time on my hands. I love that your "easy" salmon/salad meal would be a major cooking night for someone else.

  18. I love nuts+fruit+carob good!

  19. Oops, I'm late on this post! Walnuts and choc chips seem like a good combo, but I'm also super intrigued by the tuna and fruit combo from the salad bar. I bet that'd be yummy! I love savory and sweet. Your breakfast looks so good, as does that salmon!


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