WIAW: Making it Paleo

It's been a while, but don't worry. I've been cooking up a storm since getting into my new healthy fall habit. And now I'm back with a quick paleo...

What I Ate Wednesday! (Aka today, Tuesday.)
This week and last, I've been cooking from the new Make It Paleo cookbook by The Food Lovers.  So far, so good!  They've got recipes for every (primal) palate, and nothing is so outlandish that I haven't been able to make it in my own kitchen.  Plus, it all tastes pretty darn good. 
Sidenote: The recipe book is NOT only foods that replace non-paleo items (like pancakes or pizza crust). It's packed with tasty, simply paleo recipes (a few of which I made last week).  Today's eats just happened to be a little more on the "paleo-ified" side.
I'll do a more thorough review of the book and its recipes later, but for now, here's what I ate today...


Paleo Pancakes, for the win!!
These were fluffy and delicious.
There was also a banana somewhere in here.


Polished off my leftover Zucchini (& Mushroom) Lasagne

Unphotographed snack: [an apple]
Unphotographed nibble: [dark chocolate chips] 


Veggie Pizza
Crust made with... Eggplant.
For realz.

The eggplant was actually one of the last of the season from my mother's garden. Thanks, Mom! It made for a delicious pizza.
And that's what I ate! What did you eat?

All foods above (except the pizza topics and unphotographed snacks) were made from recipes in Make It Paleo. Review to come. For now, I'm still happily cooking and tasting! 

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