WIAW: Greens, Veggies, PALEO

Hey friends!  I'm short on time, so this will be short on words, but here are the veggiful, PALEO-approved eats I ate yesterday!

Breakfast:  An unphotographed (sorry!) omelette, not unlike the ones HERE.

Substitute photo.
This is an omelette.

Tuna Slaw Salad
with homemade honey-mustard vinaigrette

Baby Carrots

Unphotographed: Greek yogurt and dark chocolate.
My tangy-sweet afternoon pick-me-up!

Baked Salmon over Spinach
with Assorted Veggies (carrots, brussels sprouts, broccoli, squash)

Apple Crisp!
Yep, grain-free.

Yes, I will be making this apple crisp again.
Yes, I will be sharing the recipe. 

Happy WIAW!  If you haven't already (or want to add more entries), enter this PopChips giveaway!  Closes tomorrow.

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