WIAW: Fall into good habits

Ah, September--the start to a new year, new weather, new schedules, and new... healthy habits!

(One of which is sharing posts with other fitbloggers, like Scott over at Your Inner Skinny, where I guest blogged yesterday about my experience with Paleo.  Read it here!)

With my own schedule changing this fall, it's imperative that I begin planning my meals and preparing food in advance.  So, that is just what I set out to do before my first and my second week of work.  I got busy thinking of recipes and preparing some food ahead.  Finding a new recipe to try made food prep time something exciting, rather than arduous work. I'm sure it'll get old, but new recipes will keep it interesting for a while.

Many of these new recipes came straight from Practical Paleo...

Last week's Sunday Monday (Labor Day), I prepared Savory Baked Chicken Legs and put it in the oven to roast.  Came out beautifully, although I still have trouble eating meat that looks like.. the meat it came as. #recoveringvegetarian.

While that was cooking, I broke out the food processor to make Sweet Potato Pancakes, which were out of this world, as so many "sweet potato" things are :)

The timing couldn't be more perfect.  I finished preparing, cooking, and packaging the pancakes just a few minutes before the chicken was ready.  Success!

This week, I drew on three other Practical Paleo recipes that I had yet to try:

Swirly Crustless Quiche:

Roasted Rosemary Figs

And, at last, Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

Holy COW this one was gooooooooood.   I looked forward to every leftover dish I could squeeze out of it!!! Aka, packed lunch, below.

That night, I also cooked up two pieces of wild salmon and stir-fried very green broccoli.

This whole plan and prepare thing ain't so bad!  Once I got cooking, it was a nice way to spend my Sunday afternoon.  Then, during the busy week, I never have to think about what's for dinner or worry about having to go pick something up.  It's all there, in the fridge, ready to go!

So... What'd I eat today? 

I fell into good habits with my meals all cooked and ready to go.

(Not So) Swirly Crustless Quiche
Cut a piece of this each morning for instant, healthy breakfast!

Leftover Spaghetti Squash Bolognese
Paired with afore-photographed broccoli
and an apple

Salmon-guacamole lettuce wraps 
with nori and Brazil nuts.
Still eating my greens!

And that's What I Ate!  What did you eat?

Do you plan and prepare your meals in advance?  
What strategies and recipes help you out?

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