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Go the Whole30: It Starts With Food

One of my goals last month was to spend at least 30 minutes per day reading, and I had four books on my must-finish-before-August list.  (See how that went here.)  One of those books was...

It Starts With Food

I first heard of Dallas & Melissa Hartwig when they were guests on Robb Wolf's podcast, The Paleolithic Solution - Episode 26.  After that, I explored their website,, which is full of useful guides, helpful forums, and interesting blog posts.  More recently, they were on Underground Wellnesswith host Sean Croxton. They've certainly been getting their fair share of the spotlight since their recent publication of It Starts With Food

Another paleo-inspired nutrition book?  How could I not read it?  And I literally breezed through it.  It Starts With Food is very readable, targeted toward readers who are new to such a "radical" approach to eating.  They lay it out, plain and simple, and remind you that they understand your concerns, but they…