Thursday, May 9, 2013

Discover! Outdoor Adventures

I've dared you to go outside.  I've dared you to walk.  I've dared you to run.

Today, I combine all three.

Blue Skies

As the weather gets warmer, I've now spent infinitely more time outdoors, taking advantage of every sunny, rain-free day to walk.  Cars? Subways? Buses?  No thank you!  Save your money and move those legs!  Whether you're simply trying to get from Point A to Point B, or you have a mere five, ten, or thirty minutes to spare, I dare you to walk or jog.

Make it an adventure.  Explore!  Do not map out your route.  Ditch your Garmin.  Just go where your legs, the street lights, your gut takes you.  Not only will you benefit from the fresh air and sunlight, but you may also even discover something new!  How much do you really explore your area?  When you're driving around, do you get to appreciate the nature surrounding your home?  Might there be hidden gems you've yet to uncover?

Spring is here

During the beautiful weather of the past couple weekends, I made my way outdoors for some casual jog-walk-running action.  I didn't wear my Garmin and didn't track my mileage.  I just started running, walked when I felt like it, then ran some more.  Along the way, I discovered some cute little mini-parks that exist near my home!  Previously, I'd thought the nearest park was a good 15-20 minutes' walk away, but now I know of a few places where, if I want, I could bring a book and do some reading outdoors.  I could also just sit and listen to music, feel the sun, enjoy the breeze, get some work done,  or relax. Whatever it is, I found some nice, quiet park benches for it; I've got nearby options for the summer.

What might you discover if you set out on your own?  Dare you to find out!  

Don't plan, just go.  Let me know what you stumble upon! :) 

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  1. I love tulips, these look so pretty and are inspiring to go outside and walk/run :)


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