Monday, April 2, 2012

Take the 'Work' Out of Running

Wait, another new month?  Sorry, guys, I'm a little bit in shock here.  I feel like every. other. week. I'm writing "So it's a new month; let's look back on last month's goals and accomplishments and set new ones for this month!" ....  Didn't 2012 just arrive?  Like... yesterday?  No?  It's April?

Okay, FINE!  I'll carry on then. April, it is.

March was busy. Crazy busy. And not only the usual busy--lots of added curveballs, too.  Did I finish my 50 miles?  I think I was just short on the running front, although if you count elliptical miles I passed it.

I'm sort of in a rut with my running, and I'll tell you why:  setting a goal to run 600 miles in 2012, or 50 miles each month, turned running, a relatively new interest of mine, into WORK.  That's no fun.  Instead of thinking "Oh, look how bright it is outside!  I should go for a run!" I have been thinking, "I'd like to go to Spin Class, but I really should run instead to meet my weekly quota" and "I'm really not feeling up to my run today, but I need to log those miles."  See? Work.

Instead, this month, I'd like to hit the "reset" button and take the work out of running. I'd like to lose the pressure to finish the miles I committed to doing. I want running to be a release again, rather than a burden.  I want strapping on my Garmin to be the exciting beginning to a fresh-air jog, rather than a chain around my wrist dragging me outside.  Shouldn't I run because I want to, and not just because I publicly dared myself to run a certain number of miles in a year?  Right. Time to get back to running for self-improvement, for a challenge, for the reasons listed in my Valentine's Day ode to running.

See? Running should make me SMILE! :-D

Now that I've straightened that out, I hope to return to enjoying my runs.  Today, I did.  I ran because I hadn't run in a while, and I ran even longer than I'd originally set out to!  Instead of doing two miles at a steady pace, I stuck it out for three, and felt so good at the end.  I just lost myself in my music, let my legs fully extend, focused on my breathing, and it all came together.  This is what I want to be doing. I want to run for enjoyment (or as close to it as possible), I want to run to improve my endurance, and I want to run for ME. 

So there.

Now, for the obligatory What's Up for April
  • Run when I want to, not when I feel that I have to. 
  • Continue shutting down before bed.
  • Limit my smart snacks to 1 or 2 per day.
That sounds good, right?  One fitness (however vague), one food, and one general well-being goal for the month.  April is really the month I'm going to have to be focusing on my graduate coursework.  I've got three (...and a half) large final projects to get started and finished in this month.  Fortunately, timing worked out that my temporary part-time work came to a close just today, so I'll have a bit more time and flexibility to put toward my schoolwork and, I hope, my blog! 

TGIM for the week: monotasking. Do one thing at a time. Do NOT be the epitome of this Google April Fools' joke.
  1. Focus on monotasking. 
  2. I will say any task aloud before starting, so I know what I'm focusing on (and what I'm not doing).  I will also do this for fun activities, so I balance.
  3. This will help me be more productive with my work, it will make me feel more engaged in my 'play' activities, and it will (I hope!) help me find some more time to 'do nothing' rather than waste time doing too many things at once. 

That's for this week.  Again, for the month, it's work, fitness, snacks, sleep. aaaaand break

What are your goals or focuses for the month?  How do you balance work, fitness, and play?  (And blogging, if you do!) 


  1. I learned the art of monotasking when my girl was around 3.

    I never. looked. back.

  2. I am the WORST for not monotasking. Power to you, lady! I'd last about 10 minutes hahaha.

  3. I just posted about my April Goals at a word I'll never be able to comprehend or apply to my life! LOL
    you ROCK!!!!

  4. Miles Miles and more Miles. My goals for the month are quantity and quality. I want to keep my milage high for all of April and focus on races later in the year.

  5. my goal for this month is to do well in my half marathon april 15. it's my last half of the season so i want to go out with a bang!

    1. That's so great! Good luck, can't wait to hear how it goes!


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