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Jump into Fall

It's Labor Day, and that means it's autumn.  Yes, I know that fall does not technically begin for another few weeks, but basically, this is it. May as well embrace it!

And I do! I love fall--the leaves, the fashion, the crisp air.  Fall weather is actually my favorite for running!  It was last October that I became a runner and ran myfirst 5k to prove it.  Then, I caught the bug and continued running through winter, before my love affair with running began to stall.

I haven't been running as much as I'd have liked this summer. I found the heat too daunting to even venture out into.  I did, however, log some miles on the treadmill, participate in a 5k run through Yankee Stadium, and enjoy a 5k Fun Run.

This weekend, I aimed to return to my former mileage by taking on 5 miles, motivated by the Labor Day 5 & 10 Virtual Race, hosted by

I didn't wear the bib, but I did put on some Reebok gear, lace up my shoes, set my Garmin for 5 miles, put on my…