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Friday Features

Ah, as I forewarned at New Year's, this would be a stressful, BUSY spring for me!  Still popping in to share some things that have caught my attention, and I dare you to read:

This break-up letter to Trader Joe'sexpresses exactly the same reasons
I stopped shopping there.  I used to love the adventure, but really can't
justify eating most of their products anymore.

Laura Schoenfeld brings us Three Ways to Manage Anxiety Without Drugs.   
The MS Society broadens its scope by investing $29 million
in new research regarding nutrition and lifestyle factors
in MS development.  Learn more [here].

Carla Birnberg asks, "When is okay to lie to your child?" As always, Carla's parenting inspires me. [Read here]
Are YOU a healthy woman?
Stefani Ruper offers "10 Signs You're a Healthy Woman".
Dare you to see if you pass the test - and consider what to
improve if something seems off!

I've been eyeing this "100 Happy Days" website and chal…

Combine fruit and nut

One of my favorite snacks is...
prunes + walnuts!

If you haven't tried this winning combination, I hiiiiighly encourage it.  For a while, I'd snack on them independently, but then a lightbulb went off and I started combining them in one sweet, chewy, crunchy bite!

Alone, they're great, but together, they'reperfection.

So, you can only imagine my elation when Trader Joe'sread my mind and created this--!

When food shopping after returning from my relaxing vacation, I practically did a happy dance right there in the aisle next to these brilliant inventions.  They're thin little slices of a log of prunes and walnuts!  The package suggests pairing with cheese, but at 50 calories a pop, I'd refrain from doing so, unless you're really looking for a treat ( which case, I'd recommend goat cheese here).  They're very tasty, easy to eat, and would be great to toss in your bag if you'll be out and about.

If you like nuts, and you like fruit--fresh or …