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April BirchBox: Unboxing and Review


It's already May, I know, but I really wanted to share with you how excited I am about finally signing up for BirchBox last month!!

What is BirchBox?  It's an NYC-based company that curates monthly boxes just for you!  For just $10, you get a few small or sample-size beauty/self-care related items to try out, and if you find something you love, you can order directly through BirchBox. They've got a whole store online with occasional sales and holiday/themed collections. Plus, by shopping through them, you get points (read: credit!) back that you can use toward your future monthly boxes. Win-win.

I've wanted to subscribe for a while now.  I've seen others' boxes and admire all the information and video tutorials that BirchBox puts out online and in social media; I've learned a lot from them!  I have a pretty simple daily routine (some blush and maybe mascara usually suffice), so learning how t…

Bestowed: Review and Giveaway

I love trying new things.  That's the whole point of this blog, isn't it?  Taking on dares, and passing them on to you!  
Recently, the folks at Bestowed offered me the chance to sample their products and share a review.  I skimmed the website, and some of the brand partners involved looked appealing, so I agreed, and here we are today:

Bestowed is a subscription service that offers customers a chance to sample, discover, learn, and purchase healthy nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle products.  These come in the form of a box, delivered once per month.  The five items in each box, carefully selected by Heather Bauer and her team, include nutrition bars, snacks, cereals, supplements, trials for online fitness tools, and more.  Consumers recieve a box, sample the products, and can decide if they're interested in continuing to consume or use the product.

I was looking forward to getting my first box.  It's not just about the items you get, but also the fun of wondering what…

join KLUTCHclub

Introducing KLUTCHclub!  A membership program that for a small fee, sends you a monthly box of brand new goodies to taste, try, and test.

Cool, right? A new box of goodies, month after month. KLUTCHclub is full of good-for-you items, too. It is among Greatist's 13 Healthiest Subscription Boxes.  After hearing so much about it, I was excited to learn more.

Each month has a theme (for example, "Spa Month"), and you pay only $16 for over $100 worth of products!  It's a great, convenient way to try out new healthy, green products without much risk.  You get a ton of samples, rather than having to spend on, say, a new supplement bottle.  The boxes come with a range of items, from snacks to online workouts to hygiene products.  Lots to try, lots to learn, lots to love!

The box KLUTCHclub sent me was in July, when the theme was "Healthy Summer Entertaining" and came with...

Items I liked:
Mighty Leaf Tea: Three flavors of whole leaf tea! Organic Earl Grey, Gr…