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Seek Out Knowledge: Nutrition Workshop

In the journey to become your best self, you've got to actively seek out information that will help you make better choices.  This weekend, I had such an opportunity, and took it.

And that means another event recap...

Appropriately coinciding with my one-year paleoversary, I traveled this weekend to Washington D.C. to learn even more about the science behind and practical implementation of a paleo lifestyle.  At Crossfit Metro Center,  the Balanced Bites Nutrition Workshop would be presented for the last audience for a while.  I'm so fortunate to have taken part!

The Balanced Bites Workshop is led by Diane Sanfilippo (of and Liz Wolfe (of, two very smart and funny women whose podcast has made my commutes far more enjoyable and educational. 
The workshop was basically an all-inclusive schooling on what different foods--and the nutrients and micronutrients that come with them--do in and to our bodies, and how we can make better choices for optim…

Hang Loose for Heart Health

It's FEBRUARY!  Aside from my birthday month, it's also Heart Health Month.

Today, I dare you to celebrate by hanging loose, relaxing, de-stressing.  Take note of the constant pressure you put on yourself, your body, and your heart.  Where can you ease up?  Where can you lessen the load?  What is really important? What can others help you with?

MOMentumNationbrought Heart Health Month to my attention.  They're focusing on heart health all month long by sharing helpful tips, information, and critical facts for YOU and your ticker.  Check out the website for daily heart health tips from Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum and other heart-healthy fitness and health-related content.

For example, they've got advice on getting heart-smart using your technology, a list of 3 ways to love your heart, and a run-down on what you need to know about women's heart health.

While food and fitness choices do play a vital role,chronic stress is one of the biggest heart disease risks for women.  

Stay Healthy through a Crisis

Good morning, friends!  Happy Wednesday. Isn't July just flying by, too?  I'm doing quite well on my Enjoy July goals and hope you are, too.  Also hope you're staying hydrated and safe in this heat.  This month has been a scorcher!

Today, I want to share an article that I think a lot of us could find useful, or should at least read for the dreaded time when we need some sage words of wisdom.  (Although I hope you never find yourself in such situations.)

Alison at the incredible blog Paleo/NonPaleo recently posted:
13 Simple Tips to Paleo Your Way Out of a Crisis. [Whether or not you subscribe to a Paleo lifestyle, please hear her out.]

In this post, she describes the struggle that comes with a difficult period or traumatic time in life, when crisis strikes and things like ideal eating habits and exercise seem insignificant or burdening.  Those times when it's all you can do to get out of bed in the morning, to continue functioning, to deal with the crisis, to get other…