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Set June Goals

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My blogging, running, and general 'me-time' activities have all fallen to the wayside these past few weeks.  Ever since #FitBlogNYC and meeting Bob Harper, I've been a busy, BUSY girl.  May has flown by and suddenly it's JUNE!

I had really high hopes for theRW Summer Running Streak, but timing is everything.  Only a few days in, I had a constant sharp pain running down the back/outside of my left calf, not only when running but also when walking, or merely sitting but turning my ankle from side to side.  Not good.  I ran on it a few days into the challenge, but then the BF (former cross country runner and voice I trust in everything) warned me to take a few days off of it.  FIIIINE.  I did.  I did some light elliptical work just to feel like I was moving, but did not run or put pressure on it.

... and it's feeling much better!  The pain seems to have completely vanished, so I look forward to starting  up my running …

Join the RW Summer Running Streak

Happy Memorial Day (weekend) !! 
Sooo.... I won't even sugar coat it: My running has lagged.  Miles dropped.  Motivation waned.

It's been a mix of being busy, getting some curveballs, some less than ideal weather, and then back to being busy.  I've continued to prioritize my gym classes over outdoor runs (thank you, belated April showers), running mostly just for the 15-30 minutes before a yoga class, once or twice a week.

Time to get back to my running!  Enter: Runner's World Summer Running Streak 2012

It's simple: Run (at least) one mile, every day, from Memorial Day to Independence Day.  That makes 38 days of consecutive running--more than the 21 said to be necessary to break or entrench a habit.  If I want to get back into my running habits of the fall and winter, then this is my chance.  I accept the RW challenge and commit to running one hour, every day, no matter how busy or hectic life becomes.

Can I do it?  I sure hope so.  I dare myself.

And I dare you.  …