Friday, July 20, 2012

Stay Healthy

It's Freeky Friday! My friend Amanda helps host this weekly summer blog series, with different prompts for us all to ponder and share about!  She explains the background here, and you can see some of the past prompts and her posts here

Freeky Friday

This week's prompt:
How do you stay healthy?

Excellent question!  I'm so glad you asked.

Learning about health & fitness
at the FITNESS Magazine Meet & Tweet

Really, the way I stay healthy happens to be through the four tenets of FitFluential, the main areas underlying everything we do: EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, ENJOY

EAT: I nourish my body by eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, and real foods.  I (mostly) avoid eating foods that I know are harmful or that make me feel lousy.  I try to stay cognizant of the connections between my foods and my physical health, so I can eat to promote my own health and longevity.

Fish Avocado Slaw mishmash

... and might I add, DRINK.  Water, that is.  Anyone who knows me know I drink water like I breathe oxygen.  With meals, on the go, and while working.   Always have a glass or bottle by my side.  Without being properly hydrated, I get groggy and headachey.  Water keeps me going.

By the way, tea is another really healthy drink option!  Each sip brings many benefits, from antioxidants to fighting cancer to boosting metabolism.  Plus, how nice is it to wake up or wind down with a cup of tea?  Speaking of winding down...

SLEEP: Like water, sleep keeps me going.  Seven to nine hours, every night, no excuses.  I make sleep a priority, and do my best to shut down before bed, often by reading a book for 30-60 minutes (see "enjoy").  Getting 6 hours or less really affects me, especially if it's a few nights in a row. For that reason, I try to get in bed at least 8 hours before I know I have to be up. Keeps me sane and alert.

MOVE: Fitness is one of the best ways to stay young and healthy, from the inside out.  There's something for everyone's abilities and preferences, whether it's kickboxing or Pilates, yoga or running, CrossFit or Spinning.  For me, it's some combination of all of those!

We can get and stay fit through cardio endurance, through sprints, and through strength training. Another great option: Play Sports! Go hiking! Walk around a new city! (Again, lots of great overlap with "enjoy", below.)  Release tension, relieve stress, have time to think, or get lost in a run.  Even just walking outside is enough to keep us moving--good for the mind and body!

5k Resolution Race with my cousins

ENJOY: What good is staying healthy through quality food, sleep, and fitness, if we don't take the time to enjoy our good health?  Last week, I wrote about taking time to enjoy our summer.  Enjoy life all year long by going on adventures (any good hiking trails nearby?), taking classes (try new things, acquire new skills!), and simply setting aside time for ourselves or our loved ones.  Things I enjoy include reading books (both fiction and nonfiction); playing games (scrabble, cards, board games... also sports but don't play often enough); spending time with friends and family; seeing (and memorizing) musicals; listening to, singing, and signing music; watching TV (good thing The Newsroom showed up before I went into MadMen withdrawal!); blogging and journaling; being artsy (drawing, scrapbooking); traveling and exploring new areas, and, of course, BAKING!

Sidenote: Sometimes "Enjoy" means loosening up the reigns on one of the other three foundations for health. Sometimes I eat foods I know aren't so good for me, and sometimes I must skip a workout in favor of getting necessary work done, relaxing, or socializing with friends and family. These things happen, and they're okay. Life is also about balance, and happiness is important, too.

Love me some Froyo!
Enjoying an ice cream cookie
at the Hester Street Fair

Eating right, getting sufficient sleep, staying fit, and taking time to do what I enjoy -- that's how I stay healthy :)

How do YOU stay healthy?  Share your path to health in the comments below, or head on over to Amanda's blog to take part in Freeky Friday. 


  1. Really a nice pictures, thanks for sharing. This blog talking about ways to eat healthy. Thanks.

  2. Frozen yogurt is definitely on my list of ways to enjoy summer and life! Glad others agree! Great FitFluential EAT, MOVE, SLEEP post on healthy living.

  3. Mine are so similar to yours! Eating well 90% of the time, spinning/running/weights, and enjoying good books, time with family, having friends over for dinner, definitely baking. :)

  4. I love everything about this post! Such a great overview of how to stay healthy! And I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of you when I came up with this topic :) Thanks for participating! FREEK ON!

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    1. That's great!! It's wonderful to find a sport that not only keeps you fit, but also which you ENJOY and will teach you such valuable lessons.


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