Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spread the joy!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

One of the perks of living in this wonderful blogosphere:
Blogger Secret Santa! 
Yes. It is exactly what it sounds like.  Organized by Peanut Butter Jenny, we bloggers were each assigned another, to whom we would send a little holiday gift.  FUN!

After shipping off a box to my own gift-ee, I'd almost forgotten about the whole project.... Until...


Inside was an adorable card 

and fun, colorful workout headbands !!  Just like I wanted!

Thank you, (Secret) Santa!  My secret santa was actually Meg, so thank YOU, Meg!  I'm so excited to wear these in my fitness classes.  They'll be perfect for keeping my hair out of my face during Pilates and spin.  Running, too!

AND an added surprise: she threw in Christmas-colored M&Ms--dark chocolate (how'd she know?) !! What a nice treat.

Oops, I indulged before remembering to photograph.  Now you all know the chocolate fiend I truly am.

Loving my new headbands!

Gifts don't have to be big or fancy to make someone smile.  Small tokens of appreciation, photographed memories, or words of kindness can all equally brighten someone's day.  So go ahead and spread the joy this holiday season.  Share little gifts, baked goods, jokes, or kind words with friends, family, and strangers, too.  I dare you.

Happy Holidays!!  
Stay tuned for an athletic gift giveaway for YOU.

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