HEY WORLD!  For those still subscribed, thanks for sticking around! Am I back? Maybe!!  I've been thinking for a while how much I miss having this space to share the things I learn, try, know, and love, and the community that came with the healthy living blogosphere.

What inspired me back today?  I recently have begun running again after a long haitus, and a friend asked about my mini fanny-pack that so perfectly fits my phone and ID.  I told him it was a Spibelt, and for fun went to find the post here where I'd reviewed it, and realized it was still in draft! Never posted! From 2014! What a shame!

Then, another friend just this evening asked how my blog is doing - she wasn't sure if she'd been missing out on new posts.  Wellll I filled her in, but it was clear: The stars aligned, and it was time to post once (or many more times!) again.

So, here I am, to wish you all a happy July 5th :) and share (at last!!) about the small, light, inexpensive gadget that is my must-have for outdoor runs. Can't recommend it enough. (And this may well be when I make my grand return.)  Without further ado, here it is:


People often ask me what I run with and how I carry it.  Well, here's the answer!  For a while, I'd read so many good things about this running belt, that I just had to buy it for myself, and I've already convinced three four friends to get it, too!  They're all fans as well, so now I'm going to show YOU all about it:

Finally getting myself a Spibelt was a great decision.  Before, I used to run wearing running pants with a small zipped pocket in the back, but that was small enough to fit just my ID and maybe keys.  When I wanted to bring my phone (essential for music and GPS) or have other items accessible, I was using a large wrist-pocket for a while and that worked alright.  In the end, though, it was hot on my wrist and often--especially on longer runs--got sweaty. Yuck.  I needed something else.

Enter: SPIbelt!  The solution to my running woes.  I got it last 3 years ago April and, after five months 3 years, am pleased to report that it's the best thing to happen to my runs!  It's made lacing up and heading outside so much easier.

So what is a "SpiBelt"?  It's basically a teeny tiny "fannypack" that fits just about everything you need for a run.  It looks small, but expands well.  I typically have my iPhone, keys, ID card, and maybe an extra hair tie.  I've also been able to squeeze in Chapstick, and could probably fit one or two other small items in there.  What else do you run with?

Even with these items, it sits so lightly on your waist, you forget it's there.  It doesn't slide or ride where it doesn't belong.  It doesn't pinch.  It doesn't weigh you down.  It doesn't make you look bulky.  It just... carries your things and that's that!

Look, you can't even see it's there!!!! 

Purple's my favorite color, and I like the black blends in with my pants, but it comes in all different color combinations, so go ahead and find one that appeals to you! (Amazon affiliate link below)

This has been my savior with running this summer, both on my own training runs and during races.  I could also see this coming in handy for other situations where you don't want to bring a bag, but don't have pockets.  It's perfect to just stash a phone and wallet and hide it right under your shirt.

It's fairly inexpensive, and I've already gotten my money's worth out of this.  I use it all the time!!!  Do you have trouble carrying your essentials during a run?

Dare you to try a SpiBelt!  I did, and haven't looked back.

So what do you take on your runs?   Let me know on Twitter @dareyoutoblog :) See you there, and on the road! 

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