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Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

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With 2014 beginning, so too begin many New Year's resolutions and goals.  What are yours?  Are they "SMART"?

As a refresher, S.M.A.R.T. goals are...
Whatever the topic of your goal, making sure it's "SMART" will help you make it a reality.  Learn more in my original "Set Smart Goals" post.
What are your goals for 2014?  

Other Dare You To tips for your resolutions:
Set non-traditional resolutions, or try small resolutions#1 Tip: Dare you to write them down to make them reality!Use the Lift App to help establish new daily habitsKnow the difference between Setbacks and Failure - don't give up! You've got a year.  Also, it's okay to change your plans.  Don't beat yourself up if new circumstances arise.Once again, make sure your goals are "SMART"!  And then continue t…

Set a Small Resolution

It's December 31, and the New Year is upon us!  What big plans do you have for 2013?

I've got some big plans and SMART goals, but I'll be tackling those on a monthly basis, so my focus is honed and strong.  But are you setting year-long resolutions?  If so, I dare you to make them small

First of all, keep up your existing goals!  The new year is an arbitrary day to begin, but it does feel like a fresh start, so we like to put all this weight on the new day and the new year.  There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't ever not set or fulfill a goal just because it isn't a new year or a Monday.  

For year-long resolutions, I think small is the way to go.  Keep it simple!  I think of resolutions less as a big goal to be "attained" and more of a vow to improve something about yourself or your habits.

Last year, I resolved to make my bed every morning. Done.

This year, I'm setting some similarly small resolutions.  One is to quit che…

Set Non-Traditional Resolutions

Happy New Year, friends!
It's a new day, week, month, year!  How will you make 2012 a good year for you?

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Now, let's get down to new-year business. Writing goals and setting "SMART" goals, we've covered in previous posts.  But what about "resolutions"?  Do you set them?  Keep them?  Give them up?  It's true that January 1 is an arbitrary date to start a new habit or change your lifestyle, but if it gives a sense of a clean slate, by all means, let's take advantage and make some plans for the new year.

I think that having "goals" instead of "resolutions" is a good idea, because goals are something you work toward and don't have to give up on if you fall behind schedule.  Resolutions may feel too "all or nothing," which is one reason many people …