Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Slow down but don't stop

Time for another quick running update on my journey to my first 10k race!  And this one was HUGE for me!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that...

 I recently ran my longest run to date: 
5 miles!  


Here's how it happened: A couple weeks ago (late blogging sorryyyyy), I went for a run with Eric.  As a former cross-country runner, has the training training instilled in him.  My goal was really only 3 miles, but he was set on 5.  I thought we'd compromise at 4.  As you can tell from above, we didn't compromise.

From the start, he continuously reminded me to slow down.  Instead of exhausting my energy early, he kept me going at a steady pace, consistently moving but not racing.  He pushed me further, encouraged me to reach a certain landmark before turning around, and upped my goal for me.

"You can do it," he urged, even when I wanted to stop.  He knew that it was mostly mental and that I didn't need to take a break.  "You're talking, you're fine, keep going, don't stop..."

And so on and so forth and ...

When we reached our starting point where we finally slowed to a halt, it had been 4.7 miles. Even though our course was completed and Eric would permit me to finally walk back home, I said No!  Now I need to finish 5! 

So we kept going.  And I did!

The run was not fast, but I ran it.  Five miles, steadily, no walking breaks, and I survived!  I didn't think I could, but I did it. He With his help, I pushed my limits and exceeded my own expectations.  Who knew I could do that?

Trying to reach a new distance? 
Dare YOU to slow down.  Make it happen slowly at first, and work on speed later.  Prove to yourself what you are capable of, and you'll reach your goals before you know it.

Slow and steady wins the race, and I had the first flicker of a belief that I could finish my upcoming 10k race.   It felt amazing to accomplish something new, which brought me back to why I started running in the first place.

So that's that!  This week I ran 2 miles on Monday, 3.5 miles today, and I'm aiming for a 4-miler on Friday.  Gotta prepare for next week's Neon Dash 5k!

In the meantime, you can win free entry to The Neon Dash's NYC premiere! Enter the giveaway here.

What have you done lately to challenge yourself?  

Dare you to... go longer/faster/farther than you thought you could!  :)


  1. SO SO SO MANY mental challenges. I need to get on the physical :-)

  2. This post comes at a perfect time for me! I took a 5 mile run on Tuesday and felt so worried about my half marathon training because during it, I felt so tired. I thought, if this tires me out how can I ever run 13.1? But then I saw my time once I finished, and I'd been going pretty fast! I know that if I slow down on my next long run, I'll make it through. Glad you have Eric to help you on this journey! Way to kill it!

  3. Great post. So many people are afraid to slow down. Get the endurance in first and then worry about the rest.


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