Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say "I WILL reach my goal"... and then DO IT.

Remember when I dared myself to run 3 miles continuously?  Or, more specifically, to run 3.1 miles--the equivalent of a 5k--without stopping, no walking breaks?  When I ran my first 5k, I stopped a couple times in the second half to walk briskly for a few seconds before picking up speed again.  Next time I do the run, I'd love to be able to make it to the end without slowing to a walk.

Well, guess what?  I did it.  I accomplished my goal.

Of course, I had to try and fail first, which I did.  I didn't practice the run as often as I'd like, because things like bad weather and other exciting workouts got in the way.  In the week and a half since that original goal-setting post, I ran maybe 3 times outdoors, doing at least 3 miles each time, but slowing to a walk at least twice.  I ran two miles without stopping.  I learned that once I take my first walking interval, I lose my drive. So, time to just suck it up and do this thing.  I know I can. I will. I will do it!

That's the attitude with which I went to the gym today.  With the horrible rain, I settled for the treadmill, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed to reach my goal.  When I stepped on the machine, I told myself that today was the day; this was going to happen. I can--I will--do it.

Read more for a short mile-by-mile glimpse into my head...

0.00 - Thought about starting at 6 and just leaving it steady for the whole run, but instead remembered about pacing and negative splits, so set the speed to 5.5 mph. Starting at 5.5 and never going down.
0.75 - Wow. I'm bored.  I used to only run on the treadmill but since running outside this fall, the treadmill is so boring. What's there to look at?  Plus, the fresh air is way more invigorating than the smelly gym.
1.50 - Halfway there... time to increase my speed a little.  I press 'up' for a tenth of a mph increase each tenth of a mile I ran. 
2.00 - Two miles... this is my continuous-running record. Phew.. getting tired.  Don't press down. Just stay steady at 6 mph. I notice that taking longer strides make it more effortless. 
2.50 - Getting closer... just a half a mile left... The treadmill's still boring. Maybe pick up the speed?  The faster I go, the sooner I can stop... Okay, slow increment increases...
2.75 - !
2.99 - HOLY CRAP I'm going to actually do it!!! This is going to happen!!!
3.00 - Almost there -- sprint to the finish!  Up at 7 mph...

3.10 - I did it!!!  Reached my goal!  I knew I could do it and now I didddd it. 

Yes. I knew I was capable; it's all about overcoming my mind letting me take a break.  Doing this run on the treadmill actually helped me, I think, because I committed to not pressing the down arrow--only get faster, do not slow down, no stopping until 3.1.  And it worked!  I did it!

Sweaty and victorious, I slowed to walk it off for a mile.  Smiles. Happy.  And in decent time!  Just over a 10-min mile.  Not too bad. NEXT, the trick is going to be doing this continuous 5k run outside, where I don't have such explicit control over my pace, where going too fast or letting myself take a break will be too easy. So, I met this goal on the treadmill.  Next goal: do it again, outside. (And then again, and again, til it's easy!)

THEN, just in time for this next running goal... Guess what just arrived in the mail ??

MY GARMIN!  Yesssssss.  Now, I can take my run to the road and still track my distance, pace, heartrate, time... Ahh Can't wait.

Unfortunately I won't get to test it out until next week, but do stay tuned =)


  1. Congrats!! Isn't it the best feeling?! Then I bet you had a smile on your face the rest of the day :)

  2. Congrats! You can do it.


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