Sunday, November 23, 2014

say "WHOAH!"

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You may recall that my running stalled the last couple months due to illness (boooo).  I'm finally easing my way back in; I spent much of November walking on the treadmill (cold weather!), doing yoga and Pilates, and even taking a Spinning class or two more recently.
WHOA cold weather!
It's felt good to get moving again, but I didn't want to dive in head-first.  I did go to one BODYPUMP class, but my back hurt for a week after.  So... not heading back there until maybe later in December. For now, I've been enjoying simple movement, bodyweight work, and cycling--easier on the joints.

Speaking of easy on the joints, let's talk CUSHIONING... 

There's a new sneaker on the market, and it is nice.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to try it out myself (still in recovery, anyhow), but Eric did, courtesy of the kind folks at Saucony.

He was elated when his Saucony Triumph ISO sneakers arrived, and when he opened the box, it literally spoke to him: "WHOAH"!  He unfolded the panels of the high-tech box to find the shoes.  Watch how it happened below:

When he reached the sneakers, he literally said "Whoah" aloud, followed shortly by, "They're bright!"

His WHOAface was more subtle than mine:

They're lightweight, too--only 10.3 oz!! Whoah!!

PWRGRID+ Premium Cushioning Foam has 20% more cushioning than standard midsoles!

Watch to learn more about the technology:

But don't take it from me or the promo video -- let's hear what Eric had to report:

"Shoes were great" --> After taking them out several times, Eric confirms that they're really comfortable!  I hadn't primed him with any of the above info--about the cushioning, etc., but he was able to tell right away that it was a key feature of the Triumphs.

Here's what he had to say, as dictated to me:

Overall, they're good. I'll go through the negatives and positives, negatives first: 
Negatives: They're too bright, and the box was extremely annoying.  [Meredith's insert: Um... those were my two favorite parts.]  The shoes were very bright, and the laces kind of feel like they're going to fall apart.  They're stretchy, but if you stretch them too far, they feel like they might break. 

Positives: They're comfortable.  They have really good support on the heel; I feel like it's cushiony and bouncy.  The shoe is really wide and well-padded, so it's comfortable. 
I wore them to walk, run, and go to the gym [to lift weights], and they were comfortable for all three.  They're very forgiving--the padding.   
Also, I ran on the treadmill with them. Sometimes, my knees hurt when I run on a treadmill, but my knees were fine in these sneakers.   
I'm happy with them. 

Me: "Okay, they're brighter than you like, but will you keep wearing them?"
Eric: Yeah. 
So that does it!  Bright or not, he's a fan of the cushioning. As long as they support his feet, he'll keep wearing them. 

He just kept repeating how cushioned and comfortable the Triumphs are.  He's happy, I'm happy!  And now you can be happy, too!!! Learn more here, OR enter theeee.....

Want to get a pair for yourself?  Dare you to enter to win a free pair of the Saucony Triumph ISO on the FitFluential blog!!  

Get comfortable, stay warm, and good luck :D 

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Saucony. Shoes were provided for review, but no monetary compensation was received, nor does sponsorship affect the reviews reflected above. 


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