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Get Motivated by Music

Monday + Music + Motivation.  .... + Me, Meredith! 

Who wants to work out in silence?  Hmm... Who wants to listen to others around them panting, grunting, chatting, sniffling, etc.?   Ummm.... Who wants to listen to music that provides a steady beat as well as physical and emotional motivation? Me Me Me Me!  Now, I know there are some people who prefer to go without headphones, to listen to their breath, to focus on the road, and that's great for them!  I'm just not one of them.  Yes, I've tried it.  It's doable.  But I much prefer music; it keeps me going in ways that my huffing and puffing just can't.

This weekend, a friend asked me what's on my playlist?-- do I have a post for running music?  Good news, Cait: This one's for you!

Continue reading for tips on choosing songs, as well as what's on my list...