Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Live With Fire!

So... Reebok sent me their smokin' hot new running sneakers.

Introducing: DMX Sky

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Need I even write a review?

Alright, alright.  Runners and trainers alike know not to judge a shoe by its... cover.  I've tried pretty shoes before (even pretty Reebok ones) that simply didn't work for my feet.  Good looks aren't enough; you've got to test it out!  Take it out of the box, stop drooling, and lace up.


After testing in my home, on the road, and at the gym, I can confirm that these shoes are as awesome as they look. I'm picky about fitness shoes, and have learned that the right shoe makes all the difference to your workout and comfort.  You need a shoe that is designed not only for the task in which you will use it (running? jumping? spinning? sprinting? pivoting? squating? dancing?), but also for your foot.  I don't know how Reebok did it, but in the last two weeks, I've found that the DMX Sky was designed for a) all of the above, and b) MY foot.

Aside from the awesome color pattern, the most notable thing about these sneakers are the sole, or rather, the air channel technology on bottom:

Did that make sense? Clearly you just need to try them for yourself to understand how you fly in these babies.

Let's get  the official word from Reebok:
Take your fitness to new heights with the DMX Sky running shoe. Our DMXSky outsole technology channels air where you need it most for excellent underfoot cushioning, while the thing midfoot caging offers lightweight support. 

We're talking tons of cushion support, but without a heavy sole weighing you down; you still feel light as air!  I immediately understood the "Sky" part of the name; I felt inches taller, and when I began to run, I felt like I was flying.

Yes, flying.  Up in the air, bouncing along on the balls that comprise the unique outsole technology.  These cleat-like soles serve not only to make you leap up in the air as you run, but also effectively grip the road.  Even on a day the ground was wet, I never felt like I was slipping at all.  Great traction!

The other thing that really set these shoes apart from my other sneakers, for walking, running, and even fitness moves like lunges, is the way they move with your foot.  Other sneakers have bottoms, plain and simple.  The beaded sole and air channels make the shoe bend and curve with your foot. As my heal strikes the ground first, the shoe seems to bend and touch the ground along with the way it would if I were running barefoot.  There is no pointed heel of the shoe that gets in the way as you strike the ground, because it's rounded, just like your actual heel!  So it rounds onto the ground in a way that feels so natural.

I'll let this guy explain the technology:

It bends and curves and moves on the ground just like the rounded edges of your foot would, so whether you're walking as you run errands, going for a pleasant jog on a sunny day, pounding the pavement training for your next race, or even doing some body weight training at the gym, the DMXSky technology makes this shoe incredibly comfortable and natural feeling, even though it looks like something out of the future!

This winter, I have not been running much at all.  I've been busy, stressed, cold, and focusing on strength training more than running.  However, now that these bad boys sit by my door, I want nothing more than to slip them on and head outside.

These shoes make me want to run.

Full disclaimer: Reebok sent me these bad boys for review purposes, but the opinions expressed above are all my own. I love these shoes. Love them!  Honestly. I've been showing them off to everyone who comes over, and have been running outside just so the world can see my snazzy new kicks.

With my DMX Sky sneakers, I want to run, my feet feel good while I run, and I fly!

Interested in getting yourself a pair? They come in all sorts of colors (though I'm partial to purple and teal kicks):

Go check em out! They come in men's, and women's, and colors to suit any style. What are you waiting for? Click here! Seriously, I'm obsessed. In love. Converted. Ready to convert you, too.

Dare you to live with fire!

Have you tried these hot new shoes?  What are YOUR favorite running shoes?  What features help your feet through long runs?


  1. Haven't tried those shoes but love the colours. I love my Brooks running shoes and have had them for my last 3 pairs as they are really well suited to my foot.

    1. That's great that you found running shoes that work so well for you and you're happy with!

  2. Those are some neat looking shoes! I am kind of a Brooks and Asics kind of girl.

    1. I've heard great things about Brooks, but never tried em. I had Asics cross-trainers for a long time and liked them. For now, these are mine for running :)

  3. These shoes sounds amazing and look HOT! Love those crazy colors! I will have to seriously consider these when I go to buy my next shoe.

  4. They look mighty cool and comfy! Love the look and sounds of them!

  5. Those are some seriously badass shoes I would love to run in some day! I'm so glad you love them!

  6. Great looking shoe, I am wondering how they will do outside, will rocks get stuck in the sole unit? Otherwise very interesting concept, something to look a lot closer at.

    1. Ooh, good question! They're designed for the "casual" runner, so possibly not for authentic trail running.

  7. Ah these are so pretty!! I've only ran in asics, but it wouldn't hurt to try another brand! :)

  8. I hope you smelled them straight out of the box! I love the smell of new running shoes :)


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