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get Practical Paleo

Sorry to do another nutrition book talk with you so soon, but this one is brand-spankin' new and comes out next week, so I wanted to give you the low-down ASAP!

Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites is one of my top nutrition resources.  Her website is choc-ful of information, as is her podcast with Liz Wolfe.  I highly recommend downloading it and listening.  They do know the science behind their nutrition advice, but also take a human, emotional approach to some topics.  Definitely helpful!  I listen to them banter and answer questions frequently during my commutes, so when I had the sudden opportunity to meet my nutrition celebrity, I could not pass it up.

Outside a local Whole Foods, Diane was kind enough to give me a hug, share an advance copy of her new book, and chat for far longer than she needed to.  It was amazing that the voice I'd listened to for so long was now actively engaging in conversation live, with me. Crazy.  But then I eventually had to let her do her shoppi…

July Goals Evaluation

July 31 - time for to see how I did with my goals to Enjoy July.

1. Read: A

I definitely read for at least a half hour each day.  If not during the day, I always read at night before bed.  And so, I successfully completed (in time-consuming order)...
Game Change: Incredible piece of historical, factual literature.  Whether you're politically-minded or not, this is fascinating on its own, and also offers real insight into the way campaigns work.  Seriously, read it. This is Where I Leave You: I highly recommend this novel. Snarky Jonathan Tropper bares all in the story of this dysfunctional family. It Starts With Food: Another healthy eating, Paleo great read.  Learn about re-calibrating your psychological and biological relationship with food by doing a month of Whole30 paleo-inspired eating. Get clean.  Full review on this to come soon! Also check out Krysten at Darwinian Fail - she's doing her Whole30 now! All of these get 5 stars.  I am two-thirds through The 7 Laws of Magica…