Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Race Week Check-In

Oh boy, I'm lucky I even remembered that it's race week.  It seems so long ago that I signed up, all giddy, for the Run 10 Feed 10 10k race that is now, somehow, this Sunday!!!  It seemed, in the glory days of summer, that I had so much time to train and prepare.  And, during the summer, I did run!

What I didn't account for, was how much the first two weeks of September would destroy me. 

First Day of School!
Preparing for madness to ensue...

Back to school = Back to work!  With teaching, plus moving, plus two weekend trips in a row, plus plus plus... I've had other things on my mind, and running has not been my #1 priority this past month.  First is my health (aka: if I'm not sleeping well, I don't wake up early to run), then my job, and then everything else, including running.  A month ago, I ran 6.2 miles steadily for the first time, but I haven't seen that distance since.  I've covered anywhere from 2 to 5 miles--not 6--and even those runs haven't been so great.  It's been rough!

Instagram, 9/14: "Gorgeous morning, but rough run.
Felt stiff and walked much. Still, beautiful way to start the day!
#run #training #blueskies #nofilter

Getting back to work felt great in so many ways, but has been a serious shock for my body, with my movement patterns changing and my sleep schedule adjusting.  In rebellion, my body has tightened up.  I'm on my feet all day, which wears out my legs.  I must be hunched over more often, because my back and neck have been aching.  I wake up feeling stiff and feel the desire to stretch more than ever, and even those stretches are more painful than relieving.

In sum: I don't feel as ready for race day as I'd like to. 

Nonetheless, it will arrive in four days!  I'll put on a happy face, try to keep plowing through all the disarray in my personal life and work to-do lists, so that, at the very least, my mind can be clear for an enjoyable run.

Because I will run!  I will run 10 kilometers to provide 10 meals to people going hungry, and I hope you'll support the cause by participating or donating.

It's my first 10k, so I was hoping I'd rock it.  While I may not meet my ambitious expectations, I'll do my best, and that's all I can do!  Good thing I've already got a second chance lined up... (*spoiler alert!*)

Any tips for acing my race, even after a 3-week slump?  


  1. and you know me.
    Im a huge believer in just enjoying the process.


    1. SO true, Carla -- thank you for this reminder! I definitely have enjoyed the process. This summer has granted me beautiful weather for exhilarating runs!

  2. Your body will remember what to do and there will be lots of mind over matter at play, too. My advice: start very conservatively so that you will still have energy at the end--the crowds will help carry you, too. Good luck and great job running for such a good cause!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I'll take that good advice :)


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