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WIAW: Snacks from Across the Pond

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--> Want to see what I'll be eating today?  I can't wait to show you!

When I received a package last week labeled "Royal Mail," I was confused but excited as to what it could be.

Then, it hit me like a giant package of yummy treats: I'd joined in the US-UK Foodie Blog Swap hosted by Jemma at Celery and Cupcakes!  In the beginning of the month, I'd sent a package full of Trader Joe's treats to Lauren at Powered By Peanut Butter.  She lives in the UK, so I figured she could benefit from the wonder that is American TJ's, so I sent some nut butter (just a glance at her blog reveals her love of the stuff) and other goodies. You can see her reaction to my gifts in her post here.

Silly me, I thought I'd be giving her the treat by sending Trader Joe's love. HA!  Along with a very kind note, Lauren sent a smorgasbord of these incredible UK-based items.

I was struck most by how natural even these &q;…