Thursday, August 7, 2014

Perform and Recover with Tommie Copper

A year ago, I was running regularly.  When my knee and ankle started to bother me a bit during and after runs, I decided to cut back and eventually ceased altogether.  (The ice-cold, bitter, polar vortex of a winter didn't help, either!)

This summer, as you know, I decided to get back in to running (PRs! Races! Goals!), but I wanted to be smart about it and take care of my legs!

Enter: Compressionwear!  Reps from Tommie Copper generously outfitted me with their Performance Compression Capris and the Recovery Compression Dress Calf Socks.  The former are workout wear to be worn during my sweat session, while the latter are to aid post-workout circulation.


I slipped into the capris and fell in love.  At first wear, they were incredible comfortable and smooth.   I really didn't want to change out of them, even when I was only trying them on!  They're so comfortable, even just for lounging around.  I like that they cover my knees--this, I think, helped stave off any knee pain when I took them outside for runs (below).

They fit really well, not too tight even though they're compressionwear; I could still move about freely and comfortably!  So I'll spoil the rest of this post now by saying that these are currently my first-choice fitness pants.  They look great and feel great, both of which benefit my workout performance--compression aside.  Keep reading to see what makes these pants so awesome!

To start, I had to test them out in multiple types of workouts so I could see how they did and when I'd want to wear them most.

The first true test: I wore them for a run.  They were still so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing new pants! They stayed up without sliding down in the rear, and they also wicked away moisture incredibly well.  I know I was sweating profusely from a long run, but my legs somehow still felt dry.  Further, my knee didn't hurt!  Compression for the win!

Next step: Wash them!  Based on some shrinking experiences with previous fitness pants, I was nervous to put them through the dryer.  However, I dared to toss my new compression pants in to dry with the rest and... all was well!  The material was still comfortable and the pants still fit perfectly!  Good to know, especially because I'll be wearing them a lot.  Dryer-safe: Extra points for Tommie Copper.

In the beginning of the summer, I also received these Dress Crew Socks, which were a bit more compressed on my wide calves.  I was eager to see if these could help improve recovery in my ankles and my calves, which had been bothering me a bit in May and June.

I used them a bit and didn't feel much pain or soreness after my runs.  Admittedly, though, I stopped wearing them because this summer was just too hot to have such socks on.  However, I know as soon as temperatures cool down again, I'll be glad to wear these socks under my fall and winter boots to improve circulation in my feet, ankles, and lower legs.

This summer, I've remained a BIG fan of the performance capris!  Since that first run, I've worn the pants again and again on runs, but also to my BODYPUMP weight training classes. 

Would they hold up as well in a different type of workout?  Again, they're so natural-feeling that I forgot to notice them!  Squats and lunges were no match for these capris.  Many other fitness pants, I am too annoyingly conscious of during workouts; I'll feel either an itch from a seam, embarrassment at the back sliding too low, or discomfort from them riding too high.   None of those annoyances happen with the Performance Crop from Tommie Copper.  They're PERFECT!

For walking, running, lounging, or lifting, I can't recommend these capris enough!

In fact, I'm looking forward to ordering more of these for myself, as well as trying out some of the other performance items on the Tommie Copper online store like the various compression sleeves.  Definitely excited to start wearing those socks again--not that I'm eager for summer to end! :D

This sums up my first impression of compression, and I must say I'm pleased!  If you think you could benefit from improved circulation during or after workouts, give it a try!  I dare you to...

Do you wear compression apparel or gear?  
How do you improve performance and recovery?  

Thank you to Jen for these awesome pictures! 

Disclaimer: I was provided with the pants and socks photographed above free of charge to try out, but was not obligated to write a review, let alone a positive one. I really love these pants!  


  1. I usually use compression sleeves after a race or tough run and I really feel they help my recovery. I've never tried Tommie Copper but after hearing your recommendation (and they look great on you!), I will definitely take a look.

    1. Yess that's what I want to try next: sleeves for recovery!

  2. Im the GOOOBER you seen in compression on long airplane flights!

    1. That's what I want to try for my next flight!!! I almost wore them in a recent long car drive, but it was far too hot to be in them. I'm always freezing on flights, though, so I'll don my compression pants and socks next time

  3. i've never tried compression pants but i do have compression sleeves...i like the sleeves better than the full sock and they were the only thing that helped my shin splints when i was running a lot!

    1. Yess that's what I want to try next: sleeves for recovery! I think they'll help my shins, too. Thanks!


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