Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bring Healthier Holiday Treats

The 4th of July is tomorrow, and I hope my American readers have some fun activities planned.  If you can get outside, soak in some vitamin D, get active by walking, hiking, playing sports... all great healthy ways to spend the holiday!  Today, I dare you to add a healthier dish to whatever BBQ or party you attend!

A few years ago, I brought this "flag" out of blueberries and white chocolate-covered strawberries to a a BBQ.

Fruit can be used in other ways to create red, white, and blue desserts.  You can make these patriotic popsicles (below), recipe over at An Edible Mosaic. No sugar added!

Greatist also has 10 recipes for your 4th of July.  Check them out here.

You can also swap that apple pie for this grain-free apple crisp!

Want more ideas?  Pinterest is a goldmine for finding healthier treats to serve at or bring to parties.


Dare you to think outside the apple pie box and create some festive treats of your own!

How will you be celebrating Independence Day?  Have any favorite patriotic recipes to share? 


  1. american flag cakes are my favorite :)

  2. we had a great one here.

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  7. This looks really so yummy. When I was in central London last time, I enjoyed amazing desserts at a beautiful hotel I resided.


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