Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Set January Goals

Happy New Year!  My 2013 resolution involves having a different focus each month, and that begins with....

January: New Year Nutrition.

Really, before I tackle any other goals and focuses, I need to feel good, first, right?  That's why 2013 will start with the inside, which, of course, starts with food.

Paleo Eats from Dare You To...

Step 1: Return to Paleo

I've gushed about the paleo lifestyle before, and I've shared my personal experience going paleo to "mostly paleo," and yet, in spite of my conviction that it is incredibly healthy and yields undeniable positive results, I've fallen off the wagon.

This fall, I got busy, and tired, and just sort of consciously gave concessions for a while, going beyond just 80/20 or "flexible."  In that craziness, I also came to rely on sugar for energy.  My poison of choice?  Chocolate-covered almonds, cashews, and blueberries. It was a temporary sweetness, that soon left me feeling foggy-headed.

Just as I discovered last spring, the food I eat really relates to the symptoms I experience. Sure enough, my hand eczema returned with the wheat, and I constantly felt fatigued.  I also began getting migraines from time to time, which I suspect are linked to excess nut consumption.  The symptoms have piled up, and even a few days of nice, clean eating was always enough to make me feel a bit better.  Well, I'm finally ready (again) to stop feeling lousy for good.

Enter: Basically, I'm re-committing to paleo, with a solid, strict month of paleo eats.  It's not that I don't think that eating "mostly paleo" can't work for me (I do!), but I need to remind myself how great it feels to follow the protocol, truly, for 30 days.  Really, I wanted to do this a month ago, but I didn't want to sabotage myself with the holiday season and all.  Plus, what better time than the new year to begin?

As part of this, I was also planning avoid sugar to try to kick that sugar and chocolate-covered treats addiction.  If I'm going to go all-in, why not just do it all at once?  I think I'm more of an abstainer than a moderator, so I want to do this right. I'd like to really buckle down, feel good, and then re-integrate and target my personal problem foods.

To help with the sugar-free month, I signed up for Diane Sanfilippo's 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I know that I have an event at the end of the 3 weeks where I'll likely end my detox a couple days early, but a 19-day sugar-free streak is better than nothing!  With Diane's guides, suggestions, recipes, and reminders, I'll have the tools and motivation to really follow through.  Plus, my friend Amber, who helped convince me to take the plunge, will be right there with me.  It's great to have an encouraging friend!

See for yourself!

If you're interested, join in at 21daysugardetox.com!  It's her biggest group participating, yet!

Step 2: Increase protein consumption to 90 grams/day

Last spring, I first recognized the effects of protein on my feelings of fullness.  I started making salads packed with fish rather than just vegetables, and couldn't believe how satisfying it was; my afternoon snack cravings vanished.  Since then, I've done a good job of making sure I get a significant amount of protein at every meal, but I'd like to actually start tracking it and increasing my protein to about 90 grams/day on average.  When I pay attention, this is easy.  When I don't pay attention, I fall short.  This month, I will be tracking my protein intake to make sure I reach my goal!

Step 3: Eat slowly, sitting down.

This is a habit change.  I'm finally good about sitting down to eat, but I'm still awfully speedy!  Sometimes I don't even realize I've been eating until I look down and my food is gone!  I'm not sure how to measure this other than timing myself, which seems a bit tedious, but I'll do my best to slow down, chew each bite thoroughly, and savor my meals.


That's the plan for January!  I'll do my best to check in on how it's going. Even if I'm not posting on it, you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram.  Also check out Amber's updates, too!

What are your goals for January and Resolutions for 2013?  
How are you going to improve or keep up your nutrition habits for the new year? 
Have any tips for slowing down at meals?


  1. Great goals...I'm still mulling mine over.

  2. I haven't madeany goalsyet, still working on it. I keep mulling over the idea of going paleo,I keep hearing such good things from people who doit,I have a slight sugar addiction.

    1. Dare you to try it! Even if it's just one month, you'll get a feel for how it makes you feel. What I got out of it the most is simply learning how different foods affect my body and mind.

  3. Great goals! My food goals are pretty much what they've always been - avoid binging at all costs. I mindlessly eat, and I eat for boredom, so I want to more conscious of what I'm eating, when, and why.

    For slowing down at meals, you really need to be conscious of it. When I sit down with my family, I can be a vacuum before I even realize. I suggest having a big glass of water with you. Each time, or maybe every other time you take a bite, chew, and swallow, put down your fork and take a drink of water. The challenge is to make the water last your entire meal, and it doesn't count if you just drink it all at the end :)

    1. Thanks for the ideas, Jenn! Happy new year :)

  4. i wish you luck in your january goals! i like how your goals are so specific - SMART as we call them in my mba program. that means you're likely to achieve them! and i know you will, you're a total go-getter. i don't have any specific january goals, just my ongoing goals having to do with reaching that truly balanced, healthy, happy place.
    i eat very slowly, i find that doing something while i eat slows me down and i know that sounds opposite of what everyone tells you to do (b/c it distracts you from how much you're eating) but i also always sit down with a pre-portioned amount so all eating while "distracted" does is slow me down and it works for me!

  5. It's so hard for me to slow down when I eat!

    I try to tell myself that this isn't going to be the last time I see food and to relax and enjoy it



    ps miss you!!

    1. Thanks for the tip - and miss you too! Let's hang soon

  6. I'm doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox as well. Good luck to you!!

  7. Falling off the wagon is the pits! I think I had a minor concussion from falling off so many times this last year :) I'm so glad you decided to detox with me and happy that we are both doing A-OK so far. Looking forward to seeing how we do over the next week!


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