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Take a Hike!

A great way to stay active on a weekend or on vacation is by embarking on a hike!  Even better: hiking isn't just fun, it's good for you, too.  

Personally, I never really hiked growing up, except a few times while away at camp.  Then, in Israel, I learned how fun hiking can be!  I loved the rocks, the risk, and the reward.

Since then, I've enjoyed hiking in other settings and even planned a whole trip around it!  Check out my old post on hiking the Sedona Red Rocks to see the awesome views that Arizona hiking can provide.

So let's get to it:
Health Benefits of Hikes:Hiking is a fun way to explore a new area, but it still comes with all the benefits of regular physical activity!
Improved cardio-respiratory fitnessImproved muscular fitness and muscle tone (hiking engages many muscle groups) Lowered blood pressureStress relief  Reduced depressionBetter quality sleepWeight loss and maintenanceHealthy bone structure/reduced chance of osteoporosisIncreased levels of vitamin …

Friday Features

Spring is here!  Well, almost.  Now that the sun is shining and it's (maybe?) getting warmer, I dare you to go outside Get some sunshine!  Make yourself some vitamin D!  Have fun!

I've got a LOT coming up on the blog for this spring/summer, and although I'm SO eager to share with you some new dares I've taken on, I want to make sure I do 'em right and gather sufficient information for you first.  Sooo... For now, there's TONS of interesting stuff, as always, to learn from on other websites.  The last "features" post was a bit nutrition-heavy, so this one will be more diverse.  Enjoy!

Speaking of going outside, taking your routine outside could benefit your workout!
The New York Times "Well" blog describes studies suggesting that getting outdoors
could help "reluctant or inconsistent exercisers."


One way to take your elliptical/biking workout outdoors is with a Street Rider! MizFit demonstrates the learning curve required …


Sunday, I spent the day outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, the company of some good friends, and the aromas and tastes at the Great GoogaMooga food festival in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.  

We went not knowing quite what to expect, given that it was the inaugural weekend of this new event.  What we found were restaurant and truck vendors spread out over the sprawling greens of the park, along with two music stages, grand beverage tents, food and marketing panels in Restaurant 101, and food prep demos.  The food itself was the star of the show, with stands lined up, organized by type of food:  burgers, pizzas, baked goods, ethnic foods, seafood, desserts, etc.  Click below to see the fun, foodie day in photos!