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Get Naturally Powered

Just one more post and then I promise to will consider stopping blabbing on about Chobani.

Recall last weekend, I went to the new Greek yogurt shop with Caitlin (below) and then again for a tasting event.

Leaving that night, I admired the corner location of the Soho store.  The store is on the left, below, with a vertical "CHOBANI" banner above it.  

But do you see the billboard in the sky on the right?

"Naturally powering Team USA."  Chobani has been busy during this Olympic season, powering our athletes and inspiring us!  They're an official sponsor of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and have been hosting viewing events and empowering some superstars, like those on the box below:

Oh, what's that?  It's the box that was waiting for me when I got home after the tasting event.Great timing, ChoTeam.  Inside, I found everything I need to power my summer picnic!

An insulated bag to carry the goods

...that is, a bag that will plug into my iPod and play music!

A be…