Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Next Level NYC

I had such a fun meetup yesterday last week (Can you tell I'm behind on life??) that I have to tell you about.

Rebekah Borucki of BexLife and Danny J. of The Sweaty Betties came to NYC to host a gathering of fit-minded folks for a "Happy Hour" in Madison Square Park.

It was easy to spot the group when I arrived, partially because I could easily see Bex and Danny, but also because many came in workout-ready clothes, since we were going to do a 4-minute mini workout.

In the beginning, people were just talking, meeting, reuniting, mingling, etc. It was nice reconnecting with friends and finally meeting some faces I've known online (HEY MARI!).

Selfie shot by Amber

So good to spend time with Amber again! :D
We got to "meet & greet" with two of our favorites:

Danny J and Amber

Me & Rebekah

Then Bex and Danny J brought us together into a circle, where they introduced themselves, told how they met, and then we went around the group introducing ourselves, sharing fun facts and applauding one another.

 Rebekah's husband Justin was there, helping out and taking photos of the event.  It was nice meeting him, too!

Bex chillin in the center, while we shake all around.
That's me in the blue t-shirt, center left.
For fear of getting kicked out of the park, we didn't do the mini-workout, but we did have a little plank contest.  It started either on our hands (Bex: "They can do yoga planks") or on our forearms (Danny J: "Don't be a b!tch.").  I opted for forearms, but after we all proved stronger than they thought, they instructed us to perform different variations on the plank.

If you're on forearms, switch to hands.
Side plank left.
Side plank right.
Raise one foot.
Raise the other.

Sure, I was feeling it, but dared myself to keep going.  In fact, I found the variations made it easier, instead of staying still and thinking about how my abs are shaking.

And so it went, until six remained, and they called it.  Amber (next to me) and I both stuck it out and we were rewarded with super cute "Blissed In" tanks from BexLife (shown with goodies below).  It's so soft; I can't wait to get my zen on in it.

As we cooled down and caught our breath, Rebekah and Danny J described a little bit about what brought them together and introduced us to their Social Academy, where they work closely with a small group of bloggers to help train them by sharing the wisdom and experience that Rebekah and Danny have accumulated and used to create their successful brands.  A few former "students" were in attendance, and vouched for the invaluable information, lessons, advice, and feedback obtained during the intensive four-week course.  Definitely sounds worth looking in to.

The first Social Academy class

Then, there was more mingling and talking, some photo-taking, and goodie bag distribution!


Our goodie bag was filled with treats.  Thank you to the brands below! 

What a treat! It all came in a Shobha bag, which will be great for carrying groceries, as well as a coupon for "NYC's Best Brow & Bikini Wax."  Inside, there was a gym bag from Premier Protein, along with a sample of one of their bars.  I was ecstatic to find two Quest Bars inside; I love these low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free protein bars!  Plus, the ingredients are "SANE" according to Jonathan Bailor; I trust his recommendation, they don't hurt my stomach, and they taste delicious (how could "cookie dough" flavor not??).  It's the only kind I buy nowadays.

The bag also contained samples from Delta Labs, specifically supplements to promote health of hair, skin, and nails.

I jumped for joy when I found the Primal Life Organics "Dirty Mouth" Primal Toothpowder inside.  I switched to this from my regular toothpaste some time ago when I first started experimenting with natural personal care, and my current tin is almost empty.  Perfect timing!  Plus, now I get to try a different flavor, so that when I refill again next time, I'll be familiar with my options.

There were also tea samples (above) and some R.A.W. chips (below), which Amber and I devoured.  "R.A.W." stands for "real and wonderful," and I can tell you that they are.

These little pepper-flavored crackers are like our kind of "chips," and they were a delicious appetizer to our dinner... 

A dozen of us stuck together for dinner at Dos Caminos, which never disappoints.

I've gotten fajitas and quesadillas in the past, but was pleased to find some paleo-friendly options, like these lettuce-wrapped tuna tacos (I didn't even ask for the lettuce; this is how it came!) and vegetables (to supplement chips) to be served with the outstanding guacamole.

It's also nice being out with healthy living bloggers and professionals who either share or respect these food interests!

The night wore on and soon it was time to say goodbye to these friends, both new and old.  It was a fun time, and I hope to see these ladies again soon! 

With ErikaTheodora, MargoJen, Franny, Cris, Amber, Mari, DebbieBex, Danny, and more!

 Thank you, Bex and Danny J. for bringing us together!


  1. Looks like you all had such a great time and dinner looked like it was delicious :)

  2. Replies
    1. Wish you were there! Next time.. :D

  3. I've been thinking about taking their social academy class! It sounds really awesome. So jealous you got to meet them!

  4. OMG! This is the best recap I've ever seen (and I'm still procrastinating on organizing my photos). Mr. Borucki made the cut!! You're the bomb... seriously.

    1. <3 Thanks again! Had a blast. Looking forward to another meetup soon!

  5. You are bad ass with that planking!

  6. Great recap, Meredith! I had such a wonderful time. Can't wait to do it again soon.

  7. Nice recap. Over all I am quite happy to see happy faces and superb apparel. God bless you guys!


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