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Celebrate Race Season

Happy October, friends!It's time for all the wonders that come with fall: scarves, boots, leaves, pumpkins, candy corn, costumes, coats, and... races!

Perhaps you read other athletic bloggers describing their training plan, or maybe you see more runners on the road than usual.  You might even notice a road or two blocked off later this fall, and have to take a detour to your Sunday brunch.  Why?  It's marathon time!  

So many big races are held in October and November.  Full marathons and half marathons, 10ks and "Turkey Trots" -- the crisp fall air makes it prime time for runners, new and old, to hit the road and prepare to accomplish their goals.

Although my running has admittedly (though not entirely regrettably) fallen by the wayside, I want to give running some attention this fall and share with you advice, stories, and tips from other runners.  Throughout October and November, these guest bloggers will let you into the life of a runner and dare you to take your…