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See: Disney's Maleficent

Happy Friday!  I started writing a "Friday Favorites" post, but I had so much to say about one of my favorites from the week that I'm going to focus solely on...

Maleficent premieres today! Woohoo!  

My sister, Jessica, and I had been waiting for this for months, so we went to see it on Wednesday (courtesy of Disney), with 3D glasses and supremely high hopes.  The 3D was really cool, especially in the beginning.  The magical "moors" created for the film are beautiful, and the short tour early in the film was truly magical in 3D.

The rest of the movie was good, too, and I definitely recommend it for Disney fans.  It was funny, enchanting, and provided an interesting perspective on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale as we knew it before.  

The dark film started off in a surprisingly violent way, with war erupting between two neighboring lands; this was to set the stage for the rest of the film.  A common theme from start to finish was how man's greed led to his d…