Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make up for it!

Is it okay to take a week easy when you're not feeling so well?  Of course!  Is it alright to do an indoor workout instead of your planned outdoor run, because it dropped below freezing and snow covered the streets?  In my book, that's a smart move.  However, do NOT use these as excuses to fall behind in your training plan or to drift further from your goals.

Last week, these two things happened at the same time.  Since the Boston 5k a few weeks ago, I've lost my mojo.  The combination of the weather and my awful head cold kept me from performing at my best, and kept me in the gym all week rather than outside running, and, even then, I didn't give my best.  And now, even today when I'm feeling better, I couldn't seem to get myself to the gym to log miles. Another unplanned rest day. Sigh.

This all meant I fell way below my weekly quota in working toward my 600 Miles in 2012 Challenge.  I logged 3 miles of treadmill running on Monday, but then the remaining miles I covered all took place walking outside, not actually running.  I did a lot of walking around the city this week, which was actually quite exhausting, because I was short of breath to begin with from feeling ill.  So, I definitely didn't come near meeting my goal of 11 or 12 miles for the week, even though I may have had good reason.

SO.  Now what?  Get right back on it!  I'm planning out my workouts for the week, and I am daring myself to make them happen, no matter what!  Treadmill or road, I've got to get my running motivation back!  I'd like to make up for the lost time to keep pace with the online challenge, which is 50 miles per month.  So far for January, I've logged 30.  Not too shabby!  But that leaves 20 miles for the remaining nine days.  This wouldn't be so daunting if running were my only workout.  However, I have all kinds of other fun exercise classes that use up energy and time that would otherwise be spent on running.  Can I still fit 20 miles in to the next nine days' plan?

Let's see...
  • Monday: Double down to make up for lost time!  
    • (AM) Weight training and "Body Combat" - Last day with one of my fave gym instructors before he leaves us! Can't skip this for a run. 
    • (PM) Run 3 miles on the treadmill before yoga 
  • Tuesday: Afternoon run
    • Run 5 miles - ideally outdoors.
  • Wednesday: The usual Wednesday morning. My favorites. Can't give em up. And classes in evening prevent an evening run. Oh well!
    • Spin Class, followed by Pilates.  This combination makes me so happy! 
  • Thursday: Running morning, big time.
    • Run 5 miles on the treadmill.
  • Friday: Another day off from running, for another great morning combo... 
    • Spin Class, followed by Yoga
  • Saturday: REST DAY. I originally put 3 miles here, but decided to give my body one day off in this mad catch-up plan.  Snuck those miles in the following three days...
  • Sunday:
    • Run 5 miles
  • Monday: ??
    • Strength training? Or another substitute... find out who and what are replacing my favorite Weights and Boxing classes :(
  • Tuesday:  End January with 51 miles run!
    • Run 3 miles, before Pilates

Well.  THAT's ambitious.  Do you think I can do it?  Dare me to?  Is it insane?  I'm feeling MUCH better, over my cold from last week.  I didn't schedule running for more than 2 days in a row.  Switching up the workouts will help.  I know my body can handle the above schedule.  The real challenge will be dragging myself out in the cold or to the treadmill at the gym to actually start running.  

I'm a perfect example of the following:

... especially in the middle of winter!!!

So there's my plan--nine days of running and other fitness.  Typing it up and publishing it here to share with all of YOU is what, I hope, will motivate me to follow through.  Plus, I'd really, really like to stay on pace for the 600 mile challenge!  How cool would that be?  I can't start falling behind already; it's only January!

I'll report back in 10 days. Wish me luck!!

Now that you know my plan, what's yours?? 

Do you let weather interfere with your runs?  A bad cold get in the way of a workout?  

What do you do when you miss workouts? 


  1. Good luck! I'm pretty good about not letting weather interfere, even when I lived in Michigan. I ran in the snow (unless too slippery or crazy cold) and used an indoor track when I couldn't. I'm pretty anti-treadmill. :)

  2. Good luck!!! It sounds like you've got a good plan :) I find if I FORCE myself to do it, I hate it. But if I give myself a day or two off, I end up craving a good workout :)

  3. I've let the unusual cold weather keep me working out inside on few occasions when South FL temps were below 50...I do my best at 78-90!
    but then I just take it inside, and bike instead :)

  4. Great post, Meredith!! Thankfully I have a treadmill in our apt (got one last month) so I'm able to run regardless of the weather or my son's schedule (I run when he naps). I often fall victim to the problem of letting a few bad days get me down - it's just a bad cycle!
    Good luck this week getting back on track =)

  5. wow you go girl!! good luck with all the running and yes you can do it.


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