Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make TJ's Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake Mix.

Ohmygosh. You must make this. 

Trader Joe's

Tonight, after a very, VERY filling take-out dinner, we offered the already-baked dessert almost as an afterthought to the groans of "That was delicious," "I'm so full," "such large portions..." etc., etc...

"Would you like some coffee cake for dessert?"
"Oh, I don't know, I'm so full.  Okay, I guess I'll have just a little piece with my tea, please."

... Tiny portions are doled out ...

"This is good... mmm..."
"Another, please."
"Me, too."

As for me? I was practically eating it out of the pan. I've had crumbcake... I grew up with it.  But this is on a whole other level.  Usually with coffee cakes, the crumbs are the best part and the cake itself is just "good."  In this, even though it really did have a favorable crumb-to-cake ratio, the cake part was actually quite tasty, too!  And, unlike store-bought crumb cakes which are usually pre-made and dry, having the homemade version was moist. Fresh. Flavorful. Delish!

Why I was surprised, I don't know.  Any time I taste some amazing homemade baked good and inquire as to the secret magical recipe, the answer is always Trader Joe's.  How do they make a box mix SO good?  I just don't know.  The TJ's banana bread was the first doesn't-taste-like-a-box-mix mix I discovered... Now, add this one to the list!

The photo above is of the half-eaten cake, because why would I photograph a boxed recipe?  By the time it occurred to me to share this fantastic news with you, it was already half gone!

Go to Trader Joe's, right now.  I dare you.  Buy this.  Make it.  Watch your guests gobble it down in awe of your incredible baking skills.

AHH I'm using all my self-control right now to not to go down and finish the rest.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE Crumb Cake!! Starbies used to make the best coffee crumb cake up here and i loved it!!

    I don't have a TJ's in Vancouver, BC, but when I head south I load up!! I'll try this!! YUM!


  2. delicious description!! next time I am in TJ's I am on a mission for this coffee cake!!! ahhhh I am craving it right now! :) xoxo!


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