Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make plans, but allow for changes

This title of this was taken from a Dove chocolate wrapper opened years ago that I liked, saved, and is now on my inspirational bulletin board.

"My moment, my dove"
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 I have more of these Dove wrappers than I care to admit. 

Ten days ago, I made a plan to make up for a slow week and to complete the 50 miles I needed to run in January to stay on pace to reach 600 miles in 2012.  How'd it go?  To be honest, I feel like I butchered the plan. Not because I was lazy! or sick! or tired! or busy!  Sure, I was very busy, and very tired, but the reason my plan got a but... reorganized... was simply because life happens and plans change.

When a car mix-up made me late to the gym, I did weights on my own instead of in my group class.  When a work opportunity presented itself on Thursday and I had to make myself available all day, Thursday became my rest day, and I mentally relocated those five miles planned for Thursday to Saturday.  When a blogger meet-up gave me the opportunity to try a Kettlebell Kickboxing class, you bet I took it!

What you plan may not end up being what actually happens.

Things came up, my plans changed, BUT I GOT MY MILES IN.

Even when I was lacking sleep and my legs were sore from a new workout, I made sure to hit the pavement.  Keep running, gotta reach 50!  I refuse to fall behind on my resolution so early in the year!

Yep!  Today I went out into 60-degree January weather (WHATT?) and started melting immediately.  I did NOT need to be wearing my long sleeve shirt. Or my crop pants. Or any clothing at all, for that matter.

Mission Accomplished
9:13 - 9:51 - 10:28 - 12:51 (hills!)

Completely red in the face.
"Just Did It" is the quote I wanted you to see here.
(These mirror shots are harder than they look...)

Grabbed this before I even hit the shower.
Replenish me! Cool me down!

And I did an extra mile today just to go out with a bang. 
   -->  51 miles.  
Take THAT, January ;-)

Now that I've seen how busy life can get, I will do my best to keep up with my running and not fall behind again!  You can check my training progress at DailyMile to make sure I'm on pace.

And now, on to 50 miles in February, with two fewer days!  Grr.  Better get crackin'!  Too bad I will do next to no running this weekend. Looks like 2/6 - 2/12 will have to be another catch-up week...

I dare you to stay true to your goals, 
even when life throws you curveballs!
As Tim Gunn always says...

"Make it work!"


  1. it is that for me too.
    planplanplan and yet always leave enough room to be fluid.
    D*mn that has been hard for me to learn :)

  2. Love this :) ... and now I want chocolate ;)

  3. Great job!!!! You need to always be flexible and go with the flow....

  4. i agree - make a plan...and then make a backup plan. have to prepare to be flexible in a way. does that make sense? :)

  5. I love this quote! Good job on your running in January; 51 miles is definitely something to be proud of!

  6. Great job! I try to schedule my exercise, but some weeks everything gets thrown around, spur of the moment. And last week, I ended up doing yoga at 11pm one night because I refused to miss my goal of 30 minutes of exercise every day LOL.

  7. great job on hitting over 50!! I also went running yesterday in the 60 degree weather and way over dressed.

  8. Great job in January! I have several of those Dove Promises wrappers that I've saved with sayings and quotes I really enjoy.

  9. I am learning to be more flexible with my goals too. trying not to be so hard on myself, great job girl!


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