Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love to Hate Running

Hi Friends!  It's "Try Something New Tuesday" over at Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat, and while Angela is away, I'm subbing in with a guest post on her blog today!  Whether you love or hate running, this post is for you:

Check out my guest post!

Head on over to learn about my 
love-to-hate relationship with running,
 and how new and old runners alike can use running 
to challenge themselves in new ways.

Please check it out and leave your comments!  
Angela has such a fun blog and I'm honored to be featured.

If you need a refresher on my own running history, you can also look back at "Become a Runner" posts, or check out the new "Fitness" page, above! 

As for monotasking, thought I'd pop in and let you know how DIFFICULT it is!!!!  Wow.  I didn't realize how much I distract myself from the task at hand!  Even something as simple as sitting down and eating my meal, rather than taking my breakfast to the computer for my morning reading.  Even when I'm at the table, I tend to flip through the newspaper or a magazine, rather than savoring the flavors.  Often, I take all this time and focus to prepare a nice meal, and then I gobble it down while giving my attention to something else.  What a shame!

It's worked quite well for my assignments.  If I sit down and think to myself, "Okay, I am going to complete this task" or "I will submit this paper before doing anything else," (or even "I will write this blog post and publish it"), then I seem more likely to just get it done in half the time it would have taken if I had simultaneously been reading one blog, writing my own, half editing an assignment, and chatting away on G-chat. It's amazing what some focus can accomplish in such a short time.

I'm only about 36 hours in to my monotasking week, and still working on it.  Whenever I notice my mind and actions seem scattered, I stop my multitasking/browsing/whatever and ask myself: What am I doing right now?  Once I answer that question, I get back on track OR I choose what I want to be doing at that moment.  It can be for work or pleasure, so long as I'm doing something, and I KNOW what I'm doing.

I'm still far from perfect, but small changes are starting to add up, and my time is being spent more somewhat more efficiently.  I hope to be a monotasking machine by the end of the week.

Join me!  Just for one day, start noticing the times when you multitask.  Dare you to attempt to single out a task to give your FULL attention.  Make note of the difference.  Report back!

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