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Live With Fire

I first dared you to Live With Fire in March, when I tried out the Reebok DMX Sky running shoes, which were perfect for a casual runner like myself.

However, I've since learned that Reebok's "Live With Fire" message goes way beyond hot running shoes.

FitFluential and Reebok
Me & Alec of

I was invited to a women's media event for Reebok as a FitFluential Ambassador, where the Reebok team would introduce us to who Reebok is, what they've been about in the past, and what they're doing for the future.  I've gotten to know Reebok well this year, and the more I learn, the more I love.

First of all, walking into Location 5, where the event was held, attendees were shown what Reebok is about at every corner.

Quotes lined the entrance and hallways:

Even the bathroom signs represented the Reebok brand!

Love this.
After admiring the decor, we were treated to some breakfast, and later lunch.

Then we entered the main hall, where we could browse the apparel and accessories for the various categories of fitness for which Reebok designs their products.

It was all functional for the workout types, and very fashionable, street-friendly at the same time.  Lots of colors!

Training with the mannequins

I like!  The racks had even more items to browse, and, feeling the materials, I could tell these would be soft and comfortable for either lounging or sweating.

Finally, the day officially began with Matt O'Toole, Chief Marketing Officer for Reebok, introducing us to Reebok's mission and where they're headed.  Reebok has been a pioneer for years in empowering people--especially women--to seek out fitness and life experiences.  He discussed how fitness is about more than being in shape; it's about connecting with others, achieving new heights, and experiencing life.

One of the most notable aspects of his talk and the general conversation that day was that there was no talk about being fit, being strong, or looking good; those are simply biproducts of the main purpose of life: to live it.  Live with passion.  Live with fire.

"Life simply asks that you join it.  Live with fire."

Matt O'Toole also described "The Girl" that wears and defines Reebok: She works out at least 4 times/week. She does not always the same thing; her regimen is based on variety! Maybe she goes for a run one day, does crossfit another, and practices yoga the next.

No wonder I'm so drawn to Reebok!  This could easily describe me; I love a wide variety of workouts and sample many types of classes in addition to solo walks, runs, and at-home videos.  I don't stick to one and do it every day of my life.  I'll do maybe three a week, mixing up what I include based on my mood that day, my schedule, any fun classes being offered, etc.  I believe variety is the spice of life--and fitness--and Reebok seems to agree.

For that reason, Reebok teams up with fitness instructors and enthusiasts from all corners of the fitness world.

Reebok Ambassadors

On this day, the Brand Ambassadors would explain how they partnered with Reebok to help design apparel to meet the needs of the sport, and prove it in a workout.  Reebok Brand Ambassadors include  Amy Dixon, Tara Stiles, Vanessa Vassallo, Annie Sakamoto, Christmas Abbott, Alicia Keys, and more.

These fitness celebrities led us in a quick warm-up before the real workouts began.

Then, we separated into groups for more intimate introductions to each fitness category's foundational beliefs, apparel design, and workout sample.  Each ambassador would explain their category's apparel and lead a workout.

In line with "The Reebok Girl" mindset, the day had a ton of variety.  the conference's workouts included: Training (CrossFit), YogaDanceRunning, and Walking.  I could only attend the first day, so I participated in the first three workouts, but I hear the walks and runs on NYC's High Line were great, too!

I'll post recaps of each workout separately, but here's a video montage of the day!

You can see the variety, jam-packed into one day!  Reebok really does have something for everyone, whether you're a dedicated CrossFitter or runner, a casual yogi or dancer... Or, if you're like me, and enjoy doing a little bit of this and that -- Reebok has it ALL!  Reebok is dedicated to all aspects of fitness, of living life to the fullest and becoming your best self.

To help you get there, Reebok has all kinds of fitness apparel--clothing and footwear tailored to each type of workout. As shown in the video above, the clothes are vibrant and fun--things you might even wear outside of the gym!  I can vouch that those items we sampled for the day's workouts were incredible comfortable and wicked away sweat perfectly.  Keep an eye out for these hitting stores in July 2013.  I know I will!

Yoga or street casual! Rebel Yoga.

To also further the cause of effective training, Reebok's latest endeavor--Reebok ONE--sets out to "fuel the fire" by being the place for fitness professionals.  Reebok ONE provides them with education, discounts, resources, community, and connection, all of which helps them help you!  Reebok identifies the greatness in people and trainers that they respect, and help them do more.

Again, this goes for all categories of fitness. The goal is to stop tearing down one type or another that you don't believe is the "best," but rather to embrace the variety and realize that we can take different paths to the same place of fitness.

Reebok has also teamed up with Spotify so you can have personalized playlists created for your next workout, or even borrow playlists and songs from your favorite Reebok ambassadors!

The day concluded with dinner at Revel, where we got to talk about the workouts and clothing, and learn about the ways we are similar and different -- my new friends were from Germany, France, and Poland!  It was quite an international affair!

A beautiful way to end a fun, informative day.  

I'll be discussing each of their fitness categories and apparel sectors in blog posts to come, explaining more in depth how each workout with the brand ambassadors went!  Hint: They were awesome.

Til then, I dare you to embrace Reebok's message: 

Join life.  Live with fire!

How do YOU live with fire?  
Which apparel above will you look for this summer?

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  1. Looks like a great event. I wonder if they are bringing out the same stuff to Australia.

    1. The media attendees were from ALL over, so I'd bet they will... I'll look into it for ya!

  2. that is an aweseom message and looks like you had a great time.

  3. Looks like a great event and great campaign!


    1. This sounds like a great event! I love Reebok! There stuff is so colorful!

    2. Yeahh I love the colors! They make me excited to dress for a workout

  5. What an amazing event! Reebook is really up to some cool things!

  6. This looks like an amazing event! I love learning more about Reebok and its message. I love the description of the Reebok woman too. Thanks for sharing this Meredith!

    1. Totally--the message stood out to me as unique, and the "girl" made it so clear why I love Reebok!


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