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A podcast is essentially a radio show that you can subscribe to. Whatever you're interested in, you can search and download and subscribe to your favorite people, topics, or stories. There are podcasts for everything nowadays. Obviously, I encourage you to pay attention to some health-related podcasts, as those are where I can get a constant stream of information and motivation. There are also all kinds of other topics, such as education, comedy, politics, science, sports, culture, religion, business, art, and more. You can also develop useful skills, such as meditation or speaking Spanish!

I first began listening to podcasts during a summer job, when I spent much of my time sitting alone in a lab, working on a computer. I was doing some linguistic work that was fairly monotonous, and eight hours of that--without anyone else around--became tiresome. I downloaded some podcasts, so it was like listening to the radio as I did my work. It was mindless enough that I could still sufficiently focus on my task, but was engaging enough to keep me alert and prevent me from dozing off.

Over the past few years, podcasts became my entertainment during lengthy commutes. When reading a book isn't an option (overcrowded subways or long walks, for example), a podcast can tell me a story or teach me something new. I'm not wasting that time in transit; I'm learning!  

I dare you to browse iTunes (or Stitcher or Podcasts--which I use, it syncs with iTunes--or any of these many podcast apps) and see what podcasts appeal to you. They're generally FREE, so you can try out a couple episodes and then decide to unsubscribe, or download a ton and listen as you go. There are plenty of apps to help you listen to podcasts on the go, and you can either download them to your phone via these apps OR you can stream them when connected to the internet, or even listen right there in iTunes on your computer.

My early favorites included How Stuff Works, Wine for Normal PeopleThe Jillian Michaels Show, and The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf (which was actually how I got most of my early information on the paleo lifestyle before diving in!).  My own subscriptions have changed a lot since I first started listening.  I stopped listening to some old ones and have picked up (and am trying to catch up on!) new ones.

Here are some podcasts that I currently listen to and recommend, in NO particular order, with a brief description:

Healthy Lifestyle
  • Balanced Bites Podcast: Practical and modern advice on holistic nutrition and lifestyle (for healthy body, mind, and skin) by answering questions about living paleo in today's world. Plus Diane and Liz are a hilarious duo.
  • Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast: Q&A (with some wonderfully powerful rants) on changing your perspective to optimize your health. Everything you need to know about eating real food, lifting heavy things, walking, and resting as needed.
  • The Calorie Myth (née The Smarter Science of Slim): Jonathan Bailor uncovers the research that Big Food, Big Pharma, and popular media fail to publicize.  He takes the science and converts it into relatable metaphors to help you understand not only how to heal your body and lose weight, but also why it works.
  • The Paleo View: Stacy and Sarah are two real women sharing their own struggles and successes while answering reader questions about the real-food primal lifestyle. 
  • The Get-Fit Guy and Nutrition Diva Podcasts: These are SHORT and SWEET (under 10 min) blurbs on very specific topics, which make them a powerful pair. 
    • Ben Greenfield's "Get-Fit Guy" podcast addresses exercise tips, tricks, and tools.
    • Monica Reinagel's "The Nutrition Diva's Quick & Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous" covers nutrition topics ranging from evaluating the latest "superfood" to tips on navigating the holiday season. 
  • The Healthy Skeptic Podcast: Chris Kresser delves into research and reminds us to always be skeptical and keep an open mind. 

  • Stuff You Should Know: What makes us yawn?  What makes a one-hit wonder?  How CPR works. How the electoral college works. How jet lag works. How tipping works. How crying works. How black holes work. How Bigfoot works. How did language evolve?  Why do men have nipples?  Why isn't the U.S. on the metric system? What's the deal with duckbill platypuses?  As these diverse questions show, this podcast covers anything and everything, providing history and research to back up all answers and practical tips. 
  • TED Talks: Get VIDEO of popular TED Talks!  
  • Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing: These short (under 10 min) explanations and tips will help improve your writing, whether you're new to English or a native speaker. Resolve debates with friends and edit your papers. Some of the answers might surprise you!
  • NPR: How To Do Everything: "Half advice show, half survival guide."  Everything from how to find a date to how to find water in the desert.  

Other - Ideas & Entertainment
  • This American Life: These first-person stories and short fiction pieces are touching, funny, and surprising. Definitely good entertainment, like old-time radio shows!
  • Manners for the Digital Age: What's the proper protocol for interacting in this new technology-driven world?? Slate Magazine's tech colomnist teams up with the Dear Prudence advice columnist to debate the social dilemmas presented by this online age.
  • The Make Shift Happen Show: Dean Dwyer shares innovative ideas to help you be your best you.  Change the way you work and live to ultimately live your dreams.
  • NPR: TED Radio Hour: This podcast brings you innovative ideas across genres, based in Q&A with former TEDx speakers. Very cool.
  • NPR: Tell Me More: This news show highlights top headlines and issues in today's modern, diverse America.

These are just a few. I'm always discovering new ones and adding them to my list.  And you can, too!

It's so convenient having a personalized radio to listen to on your walk, on your commute, while you exercise, while you drive, or even while you're cleaning your home!  Although it started as a way to pass the time at work or on my commute, I now am a loyal follower of many podcasts, and look forward to new episodes each week.

Dare you to check out some of these awesome podcasts, and find others that appeal to YOU! It's your personalized radio.  Go search and discover! 

Do you listen to podcasts? Where & when? 

What podcasts do YOU listen to?  I enjoy finding new shows and would love to hear your suggestions!!!

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