Thursday, April 25, 2013


Dare you to LIFT!

No, I'm not talking about weights, although you should be doing that, too.  I'm talking about the smartphone app called LIFT, which helps you achieve your goals--whatever they are!

Upfront, I'd like to say that this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape, or form.  The folks at "Lift" don't know who I am, and the app is FREE for you and for me.  I just think it's a fantastic tool for ANY goals you're looking to achieve or habits you're trying to establish... whether they're in the realm of health, hobbies, work productivity, hygiene, taking time for yourself, for family, doing chores in your home... you name it!  Lift can help you do it.

First, you select what behaviors you'd like to establish.  You can choose from the many listed habits that others have committed to, or create your own.

Next, you check in!  Every time you perform an action or take a step toward your goal, you tap to check it off.  Each time you check off an item, it turns green. Yay! Instant feedback. And then, of course, you want to turn the whole screen green.  Otherwise that one little item is left on top, so you've got to finish it off:

Additionally, the Lift app keeps track of how many check-ins you've performed ("Meredith checked in for the 103rd time..."), both for each individual habit and altogether.  It tells you when you're on a STREAK (wooohoo), so you'll be more motivated to keep it up.  There's also an optional setting to receive notifications--gentle reminders that it's time to perform a certain task.  For example, I have a 10pm reminder to floss, because I like to floss before brushing my teeth at night. Makes my mouth feel extra clean! (This has been extremely effective. I've actually run out of floss.  I don't think I've ever had that problem before this year.)

For extra motivation, you can make "Friends" on Lift, commenting and giving "props" to fellow Lift-ers.  Strength in community!

I learned about the app when the folks at Greatist posted a full review.  It sounded good, so I decided to give it a try when the new year rolled in... and I have been using it since!  I admit, it's rarely 100% green like above (although I had a good streak in January), but I do always take a look throughout the day, especially before bed, to see what I have left to do.  Some of the above are things I've already been doing for a while, but others were new.  (And--I just added an exciting new one that I'll be talking about soon.  Stay tuned!)  Lift is a great way to establish a new habit!

You can change your habits at any time.  Some I've kept, but others I've removed and replaced since January, depending on what habits I'm trying to establish at the time!

So whatever new habits you're hoping to establish, Lift can help you make them routine.  Pick a just one or two habits to start and give it a try.  I dare you!

What habits would you start with?  What would you like to begin doing? What behaviors have you successfully made routine?


  1. Sounds like something I would love. *Note to self on my non-Lift notepad ap*


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