Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Keep up

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a joyous holiday with your family and friends, and got some time to ENJOY the long weekend.  I'll give my reminder from last year to Thank Your Body and all the wonderful, miraculous things it does for you on a daily basis. 

My Thanksgiving was lovely, thank you!  My mother hosted a delicious dinner, and I spent the evening surrounded by family--wouldn't have it any other way. The only thing missing was a dog, if anyone wants to send one my way. ;)  You're surely also wondering what we ate. One thing that there was plenty of: VEGETABLES.

And plenty of leftovers, which I put to good use.

On Thanksgiving morning after watching the parade, my mom and I took a walk around the neighborhood, and let me say: It was gorgeous! What a perfect fall day! The air was crisp and clean, leaves crunched under our feet, and I just barely needed the sweatshirt I'd put on.  Perfection!  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy just spending time outdoors in the fall, without any destination or deadline.  I hope you all got the opportunity for some fresh fall air this weekend, too. 

Today I re-dare you to Step Outside

Then we got ready, watched "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes, and soon the family arrived. My grandfather carved the turkey like a pro.

In addition to Thanksgiving, it was the birthday of my beautiful big sister!  I'm always thankful that the holiday brings us together to celebrate. 

Other good news - my cousin had a baby!  I'll let her be the one to announce it to you, though. But I'm thinking of them :) 

Over the weekend, I did a pretty good job of relaxing. Lounged around, shopped around, and discovered a new favorite nail color: SkyFall by OPI.

Regal, isn't it? 

Now, it's back to the real world, the daily grind, the packed schedule, and the blogggg.  So here I am! Gearing up for more dares now that the holiday season is really upon us.

Other new great things:

I have become a Greatist Ambassador! is this awesome website that is just exploding with information about fitness, health, happiness, and overall wellness.  I love it, and you will, too!  Go check it out and see how the Greatist Ambassadors can inspire you to be YOUR healthiest, "greatist" self.  But be warned: it's easy to spend all day clicking around that site. So much to learn!!  More on this to come.

I'm a Greatist!

This month, I've been doing CROSSFIT! I'm getting after it. I'm loving it. I'm feeling awesome. My busy schedule has my workouts down to two or three times per week, but I'm making the most of those days and feeling strong!  After all, Krysten reminds us that Strong is the New Sexy.  So I'll keep this up so long as I can afford it... which may taper off but I'm taking advantage for now.

KILLER WOD last night...
I was the Tin Man today.

Still been eating my daily sauerkraut.  Chris Kresser recently posted about becoming a fermentation ninja. Dare you to...

Also: Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean sent me all kinds of tasty goodies for winning the conclusion of her October Photo Challenge.  I had a lot of fun doing the challenges and snapping photos to share.  Now, I'm excited to have these snacks and ingredients on hand! ALSO!  Lindsay is now hosting the Elf for Health Holiday Challenge.  It sounds so so so awesome; it involves teams and challenges and everything good... but I'm spread a bit too thin at the moment to participate. But... I dare YOU to! Go check it out.  It's on a weekly basis, so very doable.

Final thought: Even if there's not a new post up on the blog, you can keep up with me on other platforms!  Get updates on food, fitness, fun, and other antics on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

I know my questions may seem a little overdue, but to my American friends...
How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you relax? Shop? Pamper? Work? Step Outside? 


  1. We had a PACKSgiving here getting ready for our move and it actually kinda rocked :-)
    CONGRATS on being a GREATIST!!

    1. Thanks, Miz!! I've been following your packing shenanigans. Good luck !!

  2. thanks for the shoutout girl! glad you're loving crossfit!!

  3. Yay can't wait to hear how you like CF! You are definitely Strong and Sexy xox

    1. Thanks girlie :) and back at ya! Been doing it about a month now and really liking it. Seriously effective!!

  4. we really enjoyed a lot of time outdoors, but i feel like living in florida that is kind of cheating :) i missed having family and huge amounts of leftovers!

  5. Congrats on being a Greatist! I always get lost in that website for hours.

  6. So glad you're back!! I was just here yesterday thinking, hmmmm. lol

    1. Hahaha Thanks, Kerri. Been busy, but good to know someone's on to me ;)

  7. Congrats on being a Greatist Ambassador!! That's awesome and so great that you are also loving crossfit. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving - all those veggies look delicious. We returned late Wednesday night from Disney World so we have a very low-key Thanksgiving at home which was so great. It was a gorgeous day and got to spend some time running and playing outside.

  8. The food looks so good - the asparagus caught my eye right away! Glad you had such a good holiday! Greatist ambassador <3

  9. congrats! thats awesome! The food all looks yummy as does the cake!

  10. Whoa your food looks delish!! Especially those shrooms and brussel sprouts, yummm! Wasn't the parade great? It always gets me in the spirit of the holidays!

    Congrats on becoming a Greatist Ambassador!! So many great things are happening this year!

    I am getting my stuff together now to go to Crossfit with you tomorrow morning! Can't wait!

  11. Oooh I love that nail color! I'm a huge nail polish junkie haha


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