Friday, December 2, 2011

Keep moving

This morning started a little slowly.  Oops.  Consciously decided to miss spin class. Whoops.

Oh well!  Work out from home.  After spending an hour or so on actual work (I chose research over Spinning? Really??), I popped on a workout video downloaded from ExerciseTV for a quick, light strength circuit with my 5-lb hand-weights before hitting the road to jog outside.  You know what?  Better that I go out and run instead of spin today -- it's been 5 days since I set my official, public goal to run 3 miles without stopping and yet I haven't run once this week!  Shameful!  I'm too committed to my gym class schedule; time to put my running goals first.  It's beautiful out for a run, anyhow.

Beautiful fall weather for a run
So, out I go. Today I set my mind to running 2 miles without stopping.  I went out into the brisk December (it's December?!!?) air and started out in my normal running-speed.  After a half mile or mile, I kept reminding myself to take it easy, a 5- or 5.5-mph jog would be fine; my goal is to keep moving.  (Really, it could've been 6mph and I wouldn't know the difference.  Gahh I can't wait til my Garmin arrives so I can actually track my pace! Yep; I ordered one. Time to pretend I'm a real runner.)

Up until now, I've done a mile and a half, but never two, so it's no wonder that at about a mile and a quarter, I start to hear that inner demon saying, "slow down, walk for a second, you've done enough."  NO... I will run these two miles without stopping.  Until a mile and a half, I just kept telling myself to keep going, "because you can."  I can keep running, so I will.  The last half-mile was motivated by telling myself how great it will feel to slow to a walk after 2 miles, compared to how lame I'd feel if I stopped to walk now.  That did the trick.  I kept breathing... in and out... until I hit that two-mile marker.  Then I slowed to walk for the remaining mile home.

Yep, it did feel good. I was quite satisfied.  Not elated, not proud, not much of anything, because this is just one step toward my actual goal of running a full 5k without breaks.  But, I did it. Two nonstop miles is a new record for me. That earns a pat on the back.
The boyfriend supporting me pre-5k

After I stopped running, I felt a pain in my knees as I walked home and around the house.  Ouch.  This is new.  I asked around:  Lauren says this sometimes happens to her when she runs in the cold (yes, I did, and in shorts b/c my crops are still drying from the wash), and my former cross-country-runner boyfriend said that knee pain is a part of running; I have to adapt, try icing it, get better shoes.  Also, we agreed that running on uneven sidewalks likely contributed to the post-run pain.  I can't help it if trees are still lining the roads in my neighborhood!  (We were hit pretty badly by the freak October snowstorm.)

He's right though; I am due for new shoes.  I've been using my current Asics cross-trainers since... January 2010. Almost 2 years. Yep, guess the time has come to trade the old for new.  I know that seems like a ridiculously long time to you runners out there, but I used them mostly in the gym--on the elliptical and in kickboxing--until this fall. Now, they're taking a real beating between my running and gym classes.

Any recommendations on a great multi-tasking sneaker?  Maybe I'll swing by the mall this week or next to have a store 'professional' walk me through the selection process.

SO, even though my workout was not the one I planned, I'm quite happy that I took a step toward accomplishing my current running goal.  Maybe I'll run again this weekend, if the weather's nice, and try to make it two miles and a quarter

PS - Just added the "Daily Mile" widget to my sidebar to inspire me to keep making running a priority, if I want to reach my goal! Wish me luck.


  1. whoever that boyfriend is ... pretty good looking guy.

  2. DEFINITELY go to a running store and have them fit you for shoes. You can very easily injure your knees/ankles/feet, etc. simply by wearing the wrong shoes. Colder weather can cause aches, but shoes are your most important piece of running gear :) If you're going to mostly be on the road, I would get road running shoes, not necessarily cross trainers - worth the investment even if they look less cool then the X-trainers or trail shoes. You're headed in the right direction. Also, congrats on the 2 mile run!

  3. I agree. you need to go to a running store. look for the running company. there is one in westfield. that maybe the reason for the knee pain but maybe not. ice it, get some compression shorts (think CEP or tommie cooper knee sleeve) we will get you some good knee weight exercises but we need to get you on a training schedule to help you get situated

  4. You are so close to tackling that five miles! That's freakin' awesome :) Just keep tacking on extra distance and you'll be clockin 5 with no breaks in no time!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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