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Fill up on Fiber

Just for giggles Friday:  Did you hear about the hipster who burned his tongue on pizza? He ate it before it was cool.
Hey, remember when I accepted your dare to do a post on fiber?  Well, here it is!
I've received questions about fiber, and it's all over the health news nowadays, too. Fiber is in the spotlight!  Sure, you know by now that you're supposed to get enough fiber in your diet, but how much?  what kind? in what foods? why? SO MANY QUESTIONS! 

Read more for the what, why, and how:
What is fiber? 
Fiber, aka "roughage" or "bulk", is a carbohydrate that comes from the part of plant foods that the human body can't fully digest.  Instead of being broken down and absorbed, it goes straight through and out of the body, intact.  There are two different types of fiber: (1) Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel.  This gel then prevents other materials, like fats and sugars, from being absorbed.  As a result, it can lower blood cholesterol and …