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Friday Features

All workweeks should be 3 days! Who agrees?

A new year, and some new interesting articles to share with you!

Looking back on 2012 and beyond 2013, Mark Bittman offers thiscomprehensive overview of health-related current events, news, and trends in The New York Times Online.

Water, Coconut Water, or Sports Drink -- Which is best for you? Brad Gouthro helps you choose.
Mark Sisson asks if you're eating these important supplemental foods.  I've got about a third in my diet... dare me to try the rest?

Whether you're making this common interval training mistake or simply want to take your workout to the next level, Dr. Ray Hinish has the trick to get the most burn out of your high-intensity interval training.
Looking for some new recipes?  Jenn has you covered, with colorful recipes, from A to Z!

Or, check out Balanced Bites if you're interested specifically in15 egg-Free Breakfast Ideas.
More news on negative effects of fructose (which is in SO MANY PROCESSED FOODS) via Gre…

100th Post Giveaway!

98... 99...100!! This isDare You To's 100th post, so we're celebrating by SHARING some goodies acquired recently.

First, to demonstrate your loyalty as a reader, you must suffer through an explanation of my workout.  That's right; you've gotta earn your giveaway entries!

On Friday morning, I woke up way too tired.  The night before, even after the interesting and educational Technogel Twitter chat with FitFluential (where we talked all about the importance of sleep quality and quantity, and how Technogel pillows can help with both), I had a miserable night's sleep.  It took me some time to fall asleep, and then I woke at 3-something in the morning, overheated.  After hitting the restroom and turning on a fan, it still took me a while to fall back asleep.  Then, I woke again at 8-something, even though I had not set my alarm and had no reason to be up. Blah.

BUT!  I had to run!  That was the plan, and who knew what the weekend would bring (turns out: not much in the…


In honor of my Wednesday morning spinning class (eee can't wait! It's been a whole week!), today we're talking about...

Spinning: the infamous, high-intensity, indoor cycling class.  Saddle up in a dark room, blast the music, and get your heart pumping.

I shared my love for group exercise--including Spinning--before.
I also showed you how my heart rate soars during my Spin classes; such a great interval workout!
I've also shared how fantastic it felt to get back to spinning after a couple weeks under the weather.

So, basically, since September, I've completely fallen for Spinning.  It's about time I share the details with you, anddare you to get into a class ASAP! It builds muscles, works cardio, and serves as a great cross-training workout for runners, too.  Easier on the knees than running, so good thing to try when you've got an injury that prevents you from running. (Consult your doctor, of course.)  OR... just do it because it's a great workout a…

Choose Fitness for Fun

As much as I love goal-setting and weekly or monthly check-ins, this week, I dare you to put those measured focuses aside and simplychoose fitness for fun

In January, motivated by my first 5k race and inspired by all the health benefits of running, I set a resolution to run 600 miles in 2012. Since then, I've been good and then not-so-good about keeping on pace to accomplish that goal, but running the necessary amount of miles has become a burden.  It made running work.  So,last week, I decided I would mentally put that resolution aside for the moment and go back to running for fun.  I'm still a new runner in my first year, so it would be very easy to go back to the days when I disliked running. To avoid that, I vowed to run when I felt up to it, when I wanted to, and NOT when I felt that I needed to just to log my miles for the week or month.

Soooo guess what happened?  Reminder: my weekly minimum goal is 11-12 miles to stay on pace for my resolution.  Looking back at Febru…