Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hester Street Fair

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In other news... I had a lovely weekend.  How was yours?

I decided to take the weekend off from work.  Time for fun!  Saturday was a faaabulous (if exhausting!) day.  The BF and I had lunch at Vapiano, a chain I used to frequent in DC.  Their design-your-own salads, pizzas, pastas are delicious, and (FYI:) the individual "charge cards" makes it a GREAT place to go with groups.  No splitting of the bill necessary!

I'm SO glad they opened up in NYC last year near Union Square!  Not wanting to kill my apetite, I got a salad instead of their increeedible you-pick pastas.  It ended up being really delicious, so I was happy.

The "Petite" Insalata Mista

He got a (vegetable!) pizza.

Then, I spent all afternoon walking around with my friend Becky.  She and I love to wander the city, visit museums, and explore markets.  Yesterday was an "explore markets" day.

Now that summer is upon us, the Hester Street Fair had its grand opening for the season.  This is one outdoor market that we have not yet attended, so we were excited to try out some new vendors.  So, from Union Square, we headed south to the Lower East Side to see what Hester had to offer.

It was packed.  BEYOND packed.  The location itself was a pretty small plot of land, so the vendors--food, knickknacks, jewelry, everything--were crammed together.

It was one loop, so we squeezed through the aisle, peeking at the offerings as we went.  Everything looked and (/or) smelled incredible.  A few select vendors, the ones selling real "meal" foods (rather than, say, chocolate) had incredibly long lines.  Those lines didn't help the flow of traffic, but it was still fun and exciting to be there on the first day of the season.

We wove in and out, peeking at the jewelry, smelling the candles and "natural" soaps, and admiring the fine food selections:

Brooklyn ice cream - sold out of Salted Caramel!

Sandwichy things


Macaroons - so so pretty!  

Tiny bites of heaven?

Lego jewelry!  Neat!

Bags, hats...

Natural bar soap, candles, and oil candles

Costume jewelry


Alcoholic cupcakes?! 

Ooooh... Fiiiiire.....

What did WE eat?  

 It was so hot in the sun, crammed among all those people...

This was bound to happen.  My eating-out, fair-going, weekend-indulgence treat:  a "Classic" ice cream cookie sandwich.

As much as I loove froyo, it's been way too long since I've had ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate chip walnut cookies 

Worth it.

To round out the day's meals, I'll share my dinner -- The Grey Dog.  It was a tough choice, but I settled on the Veggie Press this time around.  

Spinach, herb goat cheese, roasted artichoke, & roasted pepper

Although I usually go for brunch or lunch, it was a great place for our group meal before heading out for a birthday celebration.  Grey Dog never fails. 

Yes, I know, Saturday's eats were not particularly paleo or gluten-free, but it was my day off.  As I ease in, I think that flexibility on weekends, or for fun occasions like food fairs, will be the key to my sticking mostly with my desired intake.  I do, however, already see hints of my hand dry/itch back - definitely a gluten connection!

All in all, a great day!  Hope you had a fun weekend, too. 

Have you been to Hester Street Fair?  
What are some of your favorite outdoor (or indoor!) fairs/markets?  
NYC or elsewhere - I love to travel!  Where's the best food at? 


  1. SO hungry after reading this post haha. Looks like you had fun - I love street fairs. When I worked radio promotions (WCBS-FM and Fresh!) we worked a lot of them.

    And don't worry about taking a day off for food. You can't pass up some that ice cream sandwich... [drool]

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend! There's a great open market just a few blocks from my condo in Boston-- I love strolling through on the weekends and snagging a treat here and there. It's such a fun way to "discover" new vendors, farms, artists, etc. Hope you have a lovely week ahead. :)

  3. Hester Street Fair looks like a lot of fun! From the pictures I would say you had a great weekend!

  4. Visiting a street fair is really a fun as lot of things are available in the fair including culinary, food, beverages etc.
    San Diego Street Fairs

  5. Hey , thanks for these recipes! And for also that recommended gym resource. Meal is a part of the plan of someone who wants to lose weight but by adding gym (exercises) you are doing great! Thanks you


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