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Declare a "Happy Accident": Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, thanked their bodies, and remembered to fit their workouts in around the food-focused holiday!

Since October began, I dreamed of making the perfect pumpkin sweet.  Although I’d be happy with any baked good, muffins were on my mind.  I scoured cookbooks, my recipe apps, and the internet for what would like the perfect recipe.  Did I succeed?  Well, if you change the challenge just described, then yes, I did.

I had so much trouble choosing the right recipe that I put off the project for quite some time.  Plus, October kind of flew by, right?  So busy!  In the end, I just picked one that was very highly rated in my All Recipes app and went for it. 

They weren’t the gooey, pumpkin, sweet treats I’d been craving, but rather like a spice cake flavor.  So although I didn’t make what I really wanted, I re-defined the dessert as “pumpkin spice muffins” for more accurate advertising to those I shared with.  In spite of my initial disappointment, they went …