Sunday, I spent the day outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, the company of some good friends, and the aromas and tastes at the Great GoogaMooga food festival in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.  

We went not knowing quite what to expect, given that it was the inaugural weekend of this new event.  What we found were restaurant and truck vendors spread out over the sprawling greens of the park, along with two music stages, grand beverage tents, food and marketing panels in Restaurant 101, and food prep demos.  The food itself was the star of the show, with stands lined up, organized by type of food:  burgers, pizzas, baked goods, ethnic foods, seafood, desserts, etc.  Click below to see the fun, foodie day in photos!

Roberta's Pizza

made to order

HOT outta the oven

"Bee Sting"
Tomato, Mozz, Honey, Chili Oil
(Sans meat)
Very thin, soft pie, with fluffy crust.
Honey on pizza is GOOD! 

Filipino Food: Grilled corn with fancy cheese and fancy mayo
(fancy = my sub for the actual description)

The line for Luke's Lobster
(that green-bordered sign way down there...)

Simply Chicken

Char-grilled Organic Chicken Sandwich
Yuzu Pickles

Summer of Riesling

Baked Desserts!

"Dirty mouth?"
Sponsored by Orbit

The good: The weather, my friends, the excitement, the food, the smells, the picnicking, the friendliness of the vendors, the space, the organization of the vendors by food type
The bad (just one): Although the website said there would be, there were not many options for people with food restrictions (vegetarian, even worse for vegans, tough for gluten-free, nuts ok), who deserve to enjoy gourmet samples, too.

So that was my Sunday.  What'd you do last weekend?
Did you take advantage of the warm, sunny weather?
Have you ever been to such a large food festival?!

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