Monday, September 10, 2012

Get a Fresh Fall Start with Gaiam TV's Fitness Videos

I dare you to get a fresh start this fall with Gaiam TV.  
I know I will!

Gaiam TV

What is Gaiam TV?
Gaiam TV is the first streaming fitness video subscription service designed to reach those interested in health, wellness, yoga, fitness and personal development.  With over 2,000 titles, Gaiam TV is like Netflix for health, wellness, yoga, and fitness lovers, delivering hundreds of hours of online yoga, Pilates and cardio workouts.  Gaiam TV viewers can practice with top instructors like Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor and Kathryn Budig.
Wow, sounds great, right?  Last week I dared you to work out without a gym, and here is just the tool you need to get your fitness on at home.

Is it as good as it sounds?

I first turned to Gaiam TV on an early morning before a very important day.  I wanted to do some invigorating yoga, but knew my mind wouldn't be in it for more than 15 minutes. The site allowed me to to filter my search for an "AM/PM Style" with a time of "0-14 min." Perfect! This narrowed Gaiam TV's 403 yoga titles down to three, from which I was able to choose the "AM Energizer" and press play...

"AM Energizer" from Yoga Now with Mariel Hemingway and Rodney Yee.  Mariel led this 10-minute yoga sequence, designed to start the day with "greater clarity, energy, and well-being," which was exactly what I needed.  I really liked the video; the sequence was different from any I've done before, and I plan on doing it again.  I'm also glad to know that Gaiam TV can introduce me to new and different types of workouts--even within categories I already know well.

When I wanted something to make me SWEAT and BURN, to get my heart pumping as I pumped iron, I was pleased to find an old favorite in the lineup: Jillian Michaels.  Her Ripped in 30 definitely worked my muscles to the max!

When I wanted to relax and stretch with yoga, I found Rodney Yee's Daily Yoga videos' "Day 2: Energize" with instructor Colleen Saidman. It was an enjoyable 20 minutes of basic yoga vinyasas--stretching, twisting, reaching, energizing.

When I wanted to just move aroundf after a fairly sedentary day, the cardio dance options were plentiful, and kickboxing was another great option.  The kickboxing video I selected was excellent for beginners, because it started off slowly, teaching the motions of punches, but later picked up the intensity.

I quickly learned that, no matter what I was looking for, Gaiam TV had it for me. 


The website is user-friendly and allows users to customize their programming.
- Customize your workouts for weight loss, total body sculpting, or increased energy.
- Narrow down the options (because there are so many videos to choose from!) based on level, style, instructor, and amount of time you have to work out.
- Easily search for videos, make your own playlists, and preview selections.
- Rate and review Gaiam TV titles, so other users can benefit from your experience!
- The streaming videos are of high quality; I may as well have inserted a DVD to play.  No waiting to load, no buffering, no skips or freezes... the video just played. Imagine that!

Having one online resource for all your workout videos gives Gaiam TV users convenient, 24/7, instant-access to an entire library of award-winning videos.  No need to carry around DVDs or bookmark dozens of youtube videos; simply log on and stream your favorite videos wherever you are, from your computer, iPad, or smartphone.

Gaiam TV is so confident you'll love their videos and services that it's offering you a FREE 10-day trial!  Simply click here to take advantage of this offer, and be among the first 25 registrants in order to receive a free yoga mat with your subscription!  Once you try and experience Gaiam TV, you can continue your registration for only $9.95 per month, which gives you unlimited access to streaming video content.  Further, you're not locked in; you may cancel your subscription at any time, with no strings attached.

Get Started Now!

All in all, my experience with Gaiam TV has been wonderful.  I thank Gaiam for inviting me to sample their services.  This website is the best tool I've found yet for bringing yoga, fitness, and variety into my at-home workouts.  Might you, too, enjoy the convenience of a Gaiam TV membership?  Do the one-week trial and see how you like it -- I dare you!

This is a sponsored post for Gaiam TV. I was compensated to review the service, but the opinions expressed are all my own.


  1. after scoffing this for a bit (IM HONEST :)) I spent ages on the site this weekend YOGA WORKOUT TROLLING :) and it is VERY COOL

  2. I've never been on Giam's site but it sounds like a convenient way to squeeze in some yoga when short on time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have to admit, I used to poo-poo at-home workout DVDs and the like. Now, I totally believe that they can be great workouts and super convenient. I'm super intrigued. I'm looking for something new to do so will have to check this out! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE Gaiam TV! So many great resources! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. This looks like a great way to find the perfect type of workout at home-- I love the options to select length of time, AM/PM etc. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this-- will have to check out the trial. :)

  6. great review! I haven't seen gaiam tv but I've seen so many good reviews today that I might have too!


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